Victoria Klewin & The True Tones release their long-awaited debut, Dance Me To Heaven, on 25 October, after a massively successful Fundsurfer campaign.

The debut Victoria Klewin & The True Tones album comes after lots of hard work from Victoria and the band, playing locally and nationally to gain a solid fanbase — the foundation of a positive pledge campaign.

The Bristol-based seven-piece band is Victoria on vocals backed by Sophie Stockham on sax, Paul Field on trumpet and harmonica, Mark James on bass, Sam Mills on keys, Paul Crawford on guitar, and Tom Bradley on drums.

Dance Me To Heaven is a mix of older and new songs, many of which are live favourites. Opener “Can’t Help Myself” is an excellent introduction. An upbeat number, it shows the band with perfectly placed brass and keys that sit over a great rhythm.

VictoriaKlewinTrueTones-DanceMeToHeaven-AlbumArtwork-350x350“Not All that Glitters” is a funky finger-clicker, with some great jazz scat vocal from Victoria. It also shows that sometimes less is more — laid back guitar and keys balance the song to great effect. “Taking Me Down” is a mellow burner, a tale of life and love and heartbreak.

Next up is possibly the best track on the album, “Got A Question”. A great live favourite too, it’s funky and upbeat and great brass work from Paul and Sophie stands out on the track. The groovy song lifts you and carries you along, and you can’t help but move.

The title track, “Dance Me To Heaven”, features sultry brass, especially from Sophie’s sax solo. There is also a great piano interlude, too. This song paints an amazing picture taking the listener back to the old jazz clubs.

“Home Alone” is another upbeat jazz number that will have you clicking your fingers again. Victoria shows more exceptional vocal work over brass, before a lovely piano interlude.

“That’s How It Is” has a slow soul vibe starting with Victoria’s vocal and piano before the band join in with some subtle trumpet from Paul and great guitar work from Paul. Sam’s keys carry throughout, and it’s another great vehicle for such an impressive voice. “For The Good Of Myself” is a funky number, upbeat, with solid drums to lift it up.

“Roving Eye” sees Paul break out the harmonica for a great intro to a slow funk groove. The harmonica sounds great in the middle of the song and matches well with powerful vocals. The guitar gets a nice feature too during this track as well. “If This Is Love” is a slow, bluesy number, with lovely piano mixing with subtle harmonica. It’s stripped back and sounds great.

“Why Should I” rounds off the album with the band back together, all showing their talents with a final chance for Victoria to show off her fantastic voice in a mix of jazz, funk, and blues and she does just that.

The long-overdue album has been a labour of love, and it shows. Fantastically crafted, well-written songs sit comfortably alongside each other. The album is well put together, and well produced — a great mix of songs which show each and every member of the band to be amazing musicians individually and together. Victoria Klewin & The True Tones prove themselves a great outfit; this album should give the band the success they deserve. Make sure you add it to your collection.

Dance Me To Heaven is available for preorder today and releases on 25 October, with a physical CD release to follow.

Victoria Klewin & The True Tones
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