Like A Storm continue to storm through the modern rock world in the deep and dark Catacombs.

Like A Storm is bursting onto the scene with their third full-length album, Catacombs. The band is no stranger to producing great records and giving great music to their fans. The brand-new album is no exception, with great sounding modern rock, melodic pianos, and even a few amazing instruments that you normally wouldn’t hear in a rock album. This album is definitely going to take everyone “like a storm”.

Catacombs starts off with the hit single “The Devil inside” and from that point on the listener will have no idea what to expect. The unpredictability in this album is unbelievable, one song sounds this way while another song sounds another way. This is what makes the album great compared to a lot of modern rock albums to come out today. The band takes a lot of risk in every single song that is in this album by making it unpredictable and to have a very different sound from what you would expect from any modern rock out. Musically, this album is everything you could hope for and more. Chris Brooks melodic vocals mixed with the heaviness of Like A Storm’s incredibly use of their talents create something very special. This is most noticeable in tracks such as “The Bitterness”, “Out Of Control”, and one can’t forget the heart pounding outro that this album gives you. “Pure Evil” is an incredible outer track because the band captures many different styles and really shows you what the band have to offer from this one song. Like A Storm manages to create something beautiful yet heavy and this is by far their best work yet.

Lyrically, the title of the album is very fitting for the content of this album. Having a title such as Catacombs is fitting because a lot of the songs we can all relate to, and like catacombs that are deep, dark, and scary so are things are everyday life. With this album you can manage to relate to the things that these guys are saying and creating in their music and know that other people are in the same dark place too. From songs like “Hole in My Heart”, which is the notable ballad on the album, to songs like “These Are the Bridges You Burned Down”, the listener can rest assured that they are not alone in anything that they face. I think the band does an amazing job of making a musically intense album while also keeping it relatable. This album allows us to escape from our dark place and to know that there is light at the end of the catacombs.

There will be no regrets from checking this album out. Like a Storm has captured something magical and quite inventive to say the least and they should be very proud of what they created. Whether you listen to the music or the words, when this brand-new album is dissected, there is pure talent and passion throughout the entirety of this amazing album. The storm isn’t over yet, it is just beginning.

Catacombs is due out on June 22, 2018.

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