We’re giving away an acoustic guitar and free music lessons to a needy child in Metro Detroit who lacks the means to fulfill their calling.

“Music is the universal language of mankind,” quoted Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. A song can set the tone of one’s happiness for days on end, forging memories that last a lifetime. The simplest melody to the most complex of orchestral arrangements can elicit a variety of emotions within us. For every song written and sent forth into the world, there are countless others that remain just a dream locked away in someone’s mind. A dream that could be unfettered with the right tools to set it free.

Bluesairmen Guitars, Hard Edge Radio, and National Rock Review have teamed up to help realize a dream for a child prodigy lurking out there who might not have the means to express themselves fully. We’re giving away a brand new acoustic guitar and free music lessons to one lucky child in the Metro Detroit area.

Music is what we live for in our respective organizations, our passion. We want to give back to our community what it has given to us. A chance to thrive and make our mark on the world. We want to help make a dream come true like others have helped us make ours come true. Sadly, there are many children out there who will never have that chance to show the world what they can achieve due to poverty or other detrimental factors in life.

If you know of a child who shows a genuine talent and natural affinity for the musical arts, we want you to tell us the story about that child. After reviewing all the submissions, our team will choose one lucky recipient to receive this gift and set them on their way.

Fill out the form below and be concise in what makes this child so deserving of this gift. You can include links to videos online if you like. Please keep the submissions to those families who are truly in need.

The guitar is a First Act 222 Acoustic Guitar. Music lessons will be arranged in an area close to the child’s residence.

Entries are limited to families within the Metro Detroit area counties of Wayne, Macomb and Oakland only.

Contest ends Wednesday September 16th at 11:59PM EST.

Winner will be announced on Hard Edge Radio on Thursday September 17th at 9pm.


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About The Author

Hailing from Boston and now residing in the Metro Detroit area, Mick has spent several years photographing concerts and interviewing musicians in the music industry. After spending a few years shooting and writing for MOTORCITYBLOG.net, he founded and started the National Rock Review in the fall of 2013. Recruiting staffers from around the world, he has led the National Rock Review team in to a respected and established publication in the online music news/press industry in a short period of time.

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