Wicked Hollow turns heads in New Jersey with their mix of indie and modern rock.

The first time I heard Wicked Hollow was back in a marina bar/restaurant-type joint in Brick Township, New Jersey. The band, a four-piece, were tight. They played well together with a noticeable energy. Wicked Hollow was the kind of band concert goers want to see. But, it was the unique voice of singer Bryan Wood that caught my attention. Wood sang with a vocal quality, not unlike Raine Maida (Our Lady Peace) or Jack White (White Stripes), full of attitude and ripe with emotion.

The group officially came together just this last October 2015, though Bryan and Andrew have played together since both were in sixth grade. Wicked Hollow is Bryan Wood (vocals and guitar), Andrew Lawler (drums), Anthony Marino (bass), and Tyler Veit (lead guitar and vocals). After only six months, the band members has formed a tight bond which is evident in their performances.

It turns out the Jersey Shore music scene is a small world. When seeing them again this past Monday, this time at the world-famous Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, a family member of one of the band recognized me from a previous show I covered. One of the groups in the lineup that night was Half Daze. As I discovered, both Wood and Lawler were in that band.

This night was my second time seeing Wicked Hollow perform. I have to say they have something cool going on with this group of guys. As a band, the guys gel well together on stage. Their music has a raw edge, punctuated by the vocals of Bryan Wood, and their live performances win new fans. The have great chemistry and an electricity about them in their on-stage act.

The band is getting rave reviews everywhere they play. Their current momentum means a growing fanbase and more Wicked Hollow shows to follow.

If you want to see what the Jersey Shore music scene is all about, check out Wicked Hollow. These guys are where it’s at!


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