The New Jersey rock group is in the studio and plans to release their new songs as singles.

Jenevieve Cruz and the Submissives create a fresh, raw sound, full of energy and passion. Formed in 2013, their work as a cover band built their recognition in the rock world leading to their debut EP, Echoes, in 2015. Singer and self-proclaimed “hopeless romantic,” Jenevieve Cruz, says she wants to create passionate lyrics that touch the soul. Drummer Nicole Acosta says she wants to recapture the excitement fans feel for rock music. With influences from The Rolling Stones to Nirvana and Cruz’s experience as a spoken word poet, band members are true artistic spirits, and the music is timeless.

Fans can catch The Submissives around the New Jersey tri-state area throughout the summer. Tickets are available on their Facebook page or at the venue doors. To keep up on all things Submissive, head to the band’s website. Their EP is available via Bandcamp, Spotify, and iTunes.

“Lose Myself in You” from Echoes (2015)

Jenevieve Cruz and the Submissives
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