Insane Clown Posse has inspired quite a few people. One of those, Karnage, is headed to Quarry Fest to represent the hip hop scene there.

Many times we’ve seen crossovers between musical genres and rap into the metal scene is one that has worked before. And with Quarry Fest 2015 coming soon, local hip hop artist, Kletuz Cassidy, the talent behind the monster, Karnage, sat down and talked for a few minutes about it. We hit topics like the history of the personae, what projects are coming, and some of his influences.

NRR: You are from the Toledo area and have a few shows coming up. What’s been going on with Karnage in the last year?
Kletuz Cassidy: Yeah, I reside in the Glass City, Toledo, Ohio. I have also spent some time in Florida. That’s where Karnage wrote his first rhymes at. I was 13 man, I’m 33 now. The past year I started off the new year with Karnage’s Birthday Bash on Jan 09, 2015 at Frankie’s Inner City. [It] started off the new year right and started concerts off right here in the community. I also recently came [out] with my mixtape It’s A Wonderful Life and almost finished with my actual album, Mind Bomb, due out In January 2016.
NRR: Hopefully, you have a great time on stage to close out this strange summer. Are you looking forward to anything in particular at Quarry Fest 2015?
Kletuz Cassidy: Yes indeed! The summer is about to get stranger starting Aug 08, 2015 and on the 22nd at the Toledo Hip Hop Festival. Then the 12th at the Quarry Fest. Looking forward to meeting new people and networking and getting drunk, (laughing)!
NRR: How does an artist like Karnage get in on the billing for a pretty new show, as far as festivals might go, here in your backyard?
Kletuz Cassidy: It’s all about networking. Banged a lot of shows and festivals out. Migrated to southern Ohio like Heath, Dayton, Newark, and Columbus. Gotta network! I gotta get out of Ohio I’m ready to fly and hit the road. Hard work will pay off!
NRR: Talk to me about the brand that is Karnage; how did you come up with the persona, anything special behind your name, etc?
Kletuz Cassidy: The brand Karnage represents us. The World, The Dark, and The Bad on how we need to change! Funny you ask how I came up with my name. Well, I’ve always had a dark, twisted mind. So, my son and I was playing when he was three, he was like daddy you got your Venom powers and did this weird noise with his tongue. I say no, I got my Carnage powers! Then that hot summer night in 2005 I look at my nephew I say its Karnage, my artist name. He goes dope! We gotta rise up as people. Now is the time to wake up and see all the damage done!
NRR: Do you currently have any albums out or about to drop and if so either way, what can you tell me about it?
Kletuz Cassidy: My album out now, It’s A Wonderful Life. It’s quite a gruesome CD, you’re definitely getting an enraged Karnage. You can’t have a weak stomach for this one its Hardcore lyrics to the fullest! When you listen to this piece you will hear the pain, the struggle, the hate, and the anger. It’s a must listen. It’s like a comic musical book. It’s entertaining, I am telling a few stories… I am currently working on my next project, Mind Bomb, which will be tastier to listen to!
NRR: What can we expect from Karnage in the coming days after Quarry Fest is again eagerly awaited to, hopefully, come around again in 2016?
Kletuz Cassidy: Karnage shooting bigger, better, and badder things to do. Take my music to the next phase. I will be booking more shows along the way!
NRR: What are some of the influences that help you get your own vibe musically and have you gotten a chance to share the stage with any of them yet?
Kletuz Cassidy: I can’t even lie on this one I am a Juggalo! Whoop Whoop Family!!! Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Esham, but my main influence was 2Pac and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony as well. I have loved hip hop since I was like three all the old school stuff, Erich!!
NRR: How important is selling merch being a solo artist like Karnage at a show like this, and who comes up with the items to sell?
Kletuz Cassidy: Merch is very important, it helps promote. I’m still coming up, though, man, I just put my first CD’s out. Next step I gotta team coming up with stickers, lighters, and t-shirts. All in due time!
NRR: Rap/horrorcore/Lyrical is your self-described genre musically, in your own words will you explain what that is like for someone not really familiar with it?
Kletuz Cassidy: It’s dark underground music. You will hear pain, struggle, a real person going through hard dark times. My life looks like a horror movie. I am just releasing my anger in a safe way! I gotta vent, so listen!
NRR: For anyone that might not have seen you perform before, what can they expect to get from your set on stage?
Kletuz Cassidy: When you see me on stage you will see the hunger, the energy, and you will see emotion. And they might catch a free Frisbee with a free CD stuck on it or a mystery gift! So, come see Karnage live to open for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Rittz Aug 22, 2015, at Headliners In Toledo, OH and then Quarry Fest 2015! #ohiorizeup! Thank You, Erich, for the interview I appreciate your time! Have a good day.

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