The frontman of the band founded during the height of the Seattle grunge scene speaks about everything ‘Candlebox.’

Candlebox has signed with Pavement Records. With new material on the way, frontman Kevin Martin talks with National Rock Review on the details. Nearly a quarter of a century ago Candlebox emerged from the Seattle scene though their history has not been without its challenges.

Unlike the other bands of the time, Candlebox was younger, and a offered a different sound. Still going strong between albums and tours, Kevin Martin has stayed the course and found success in the industry. He talks with NRR about the beginnings of Candlebox, their early hits, clashes with management and being in the shadows of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Nirvana. Kevin has a strong sense of history of the scene of Seattle, and it influences his music.

For those who came of age when the industry gave us “grunge,” this interview with Martin peels back a few years to help you remember. MTV was cool, rock had found its place, and drugs were taking our music hero quickly. Candlebox has proven they transcended the trappings of early fame.

Interview with Kevin Martin of Candlebox


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