Drive is ambition and desire combined to form resolve. Welcome to the killing fields of the weak and slothfully, or the music industry for short.

Leigh Kakaty (vocals), Davey Grahs (guitar), Nick Fuelling (guitar), Chachi Riot (drums), and Matt DiRito (bass) make up the current lineup of the machine that never takes a day off, or as you know them, Pop Evil. In 2015, the band released their fourth studio album, Up, on Aug 21, 2015 via eOne Music record label. If sports teams like the Anaheim Ducks, New Jersey Devils, Boston Bruins, and the band’s backyard Detroit Red Wings, Tigers, and UM Wolverines bang their anthems over the loudspeakers, then maybe you might like them too. So, what we’re about to offer for your listening pleasure should be quite a treat.


Before the fellas get too busy, we got a chance to talk with Leigh about a few things that show his drive in being the creative force behind the band. Why Adele is a unique animal in the music industry and what will turn the throttle on his passion for never taking a day off plus a few other stops in our talk can be heard by clicking the play button below. Definitely go see the band play during the Loudest Month in Music just right around the corner and support the boys from Grand Rapids, MI.

“Now it’s time to step up our game and let people know we can back it all up. We want to prove we aren’t a one hit wonder. We didn’t just get lucky.” ~ Leigh Kakaty

And, even though there were some technical difficulties here at the National Rock Review ranch, leading to a few minutes of the interview to be lost, Leigh is a man that knows his sports. Go ask him who was the better Detroit Lion, Barry or MegaTron, and be ready for your mind to be blown away.

Interview with Leigh Kakaty of Pop Evil:

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