Soundcheck is done. People are coming through the door. Opening band is going, so let’s do an interview for Speedos, giggles, and for glory!

Dan Quigley (guitar), Rachel Mayer (vocals), Cody Sizemore (guitar), Chris Salazar (bass), and Mike Neumann (drums) make up the Temperance, Michigan/Toledo, Ohio corridor five-piece otherwise known locally and nationally, now, as Hour 24. The band has released their latest album entitled, Emergence. They held their debut party at Frankie’s Inner City for the CD release and the sold out crowd was definitely for them and another local band, Tropic Bombs.

At the beginning of the fevered pitch of the night, the band in its entirety made some time for National Rock Review to pick their brains all at once. Sometimes getting the (any) full band together, in one place, and coherent, can be like herding cats. The planets aligned for us, however, and National Rock Review didn’t waste that celestial favor in the least. We talked to the group about the album, about their plans after the party going on behind us, and why you should never accept their dare to skinny dip.

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Hour 24
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