The shock-metal band GWAR provide a visually stunning show in Louisville with Ghoul, Doyle, U.S. Bastards, and Stonecutters.

The shock-metal band GWAR might not be everyone’s cup of tea. The group has not only been considered offensive for their actions onstage (with various decapitations and copious amounts of blood spurting everywhere), but there is no denying the over-the-top stage antics and accompanying hard driving music provide for a fun evening.

The Mercury Ballroom was well prepared for the evening with almost every exposed area of the venue covered in plastic as the doors opened and the fans started piling in. It is a GWAR show tradition for the first several rows of fans at the barrier to don white t-shirts, some with various GWAR markings scrawled on their shirts in anticipation of the “Blood Bath” that is soon to occur.

As the house lights fall, the intro tape starts to roll and Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” blares overhead with everyone immediately singing along.  Two 8-foot tall guards with M-16’s appear on stage as some pre-recorded dialogue runs. It doesn’t take long for this band of intergalactic scumdogs, known as GWAR, to take the stage, engage the guards, and ultimately decapitate them. With blood appearing to squirt from their guards’ arteries into the crowd, GWAR launch into “War on GWAR,” “Hail, Genocide!,” and “I’ll Be Your Monster”. The evening getting off to a blazing, if messy, start.

GWAR is touring in support of their latest album, The Blood Of Gods, with several songs from the album, including “El Presidente,” “Fuck This Place,” and Viking Death Machine”, in the set. The vast array of special characters who appear on stage over the course of the night, including President Trump and Hillary Clinton, adds to the onstage spectacle as more and more blood is spewed from the stage into the thirsty crowd.

With chants of “GWAR, GWAR” rolling over the venue the guys launch into their two-song encore starting with “Phantom Limb” and a fitting AC/DC cover “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)” bringing to a close an awesome and unique show.  Judging by the buzz in the room and the smiles on the blood-soaked fans faces as the house lights rise, everyone is thoroughly satisfied

Providing primary support on this tour are the mutants from Creepsylvania, Ghoul. Known only by their stage names Digestor, Dissector, Cremator, Fermentor, Baron Samedi, Mr. Fang and Kogar the Destructo, the band kicks the theatrics into high gear with an outrageous stage show complete with “various liquids” being projected into the crowd throughout the set. Ghoul put on a fun and visually entertaining show highlighting their musicianship with riff-heavy songs drawing primarily from 2016’s release Dungeon Bastards.

In support of their second album, Doyle II: As We DieDoyle took to the Mercury Ballroom Stage with a vengeance. The legendary Misfits guitarist, Doyle along with lead singer Alex ‘Wolfman’ Story perform a number of songs from the As We Die album including “Beast Like Me,”, “Run For Your Life,” “Darkside,”  and “Witchcraft” with all the energy and brutality you would expect. Tonight is the first time they closed with “King of the Undead”, really showcasing the quality and intensity of the songs on the new album.  

Virginia based U.S, Bastards perform second. Featuring GWAR guitarist Brent Purgason along with John Kelly on bass and Jeremy Dutra on drums, US Bastards deliver an in your face set with several songs from their latest Out of Luck album.  U.S. Bastards treat the crowd with a raw cover of Motorhead’s “Killed By Death” that has the entire room fist pumping and singing along.  

Louisville metallers, Stonecutters start the night off with a great blend of punishing original music predominately from their latest album, Blood Moon.  Guitarist Nick Burks puts on a show by himself with his raging guitar riffs, setting a great tone for the rest of the night. 

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Event Date: 02-NOV-2017