In front of a “Sold Out” crowd, Cody Jinks and his band of outlaws take over the 20 Monroe Live concert hall in Grand Rapids, MI on Saturday night.  

As the popularity of “Bro-Country” and it’s followers are starting to make a spiraling downfall, the resurgent sounds of traditional and southern rock/outlaw country are making their presence known again.  With the attention rising upward, so is the stock on Cody Jinks.  

The one time thrash metal rocker, converted country singer/songwriter has finally seen his career start to soar.  From playing small honky-tonks around Texas where it would cost him money to perform to now playing across the globe in sold out theaters to thousands of people nightly, being able to put food on the table back home.  

Starting his country music career in 2005, Cody launched his debut album Cast No Stones in 2008.  Since then, Cody has created six other albums with Lifers, released in July of 2018 being his current.  Following in the footsteps of past artists like himself (Whitey Morgan, Merle Haggard, Johnny Paycheck, etc.) Cody has had to endure the hardships of getting his music out and being heard.  His previous work I’m Not The Devil from 2016 finally sent him soaring out of this stratosphere with the crowd favorite title track single.  

This evening’s sold out show at 20 Monroe Live, Cody is joined on stage by his band The Tone Deaf Hippies along with openers The Steel Woods and Tennessee Jet.  

Cody opens his show with “Must Be The Whiskey,” the debut single from his current album for his anxiously awaited crowd.    

From there he ventures into his musical library of songs from each album, adding songs that his crowd would be able to connect with and sing along to.  Cody writes songs that have real value in today’s society and can be felt with emotion by everyone that comes in contact with.  His list of songs include: “Mamma Song,” “Somewhere Between I Love You And I’m Leavin’,” “Can’t Quit Enough,” “Holy Water” and “Cast No Stones.”  

The happy fun crowd gets excited and sings along when Cody performs his popular hit “I’m Not The Devil.” The crowd continues their enthusiasm with a new song “Unwound,” a George Strait cover from 1981 that Cody has just recently started performing.  Added to the list of covers, Cody also plays a Randy Travis single “Digging Up Bones.” 

While performing his title track to his latest album Lifers, Cody is joined on stage by his co-writer and show opener Tennessee Jet to sing along.   

Before ending his set, Cody sings about his two favorite kinds of people “Hippies And Cowboys.” As he leaves the stage, his legion of followers chant his name and call him back out for an encore conclusion. 

Returning to the stage for an encore, his screaming fans join in on singing along to “Rock And Roll” and “Loud And Heavy” before Cody exits the stage for the final time as the stage lights go black on another night’s show. 

The Steel Woods is a new quartet (2017) from Nashville that runs the route of southern rock mixed with a bluesy twist.  They are strongly influenced and follow the sounds of classic artists Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers.  The band consists of; Jason “Rowdy” Cope on guitar, Wes Bayliss on guitar and lead vocals, Jay Tooke on drums and Johnny Stanton of bass guitar.   

The Steel Woods perform songs “I’m Gonna Love You,” “Uncle Lloyd,” “Axe” and the title track from their debut (2017) album Straw In The Wind.  They also include “Rock That Says My Name” “Whipping Post” a Gregg Allman cover along with the title track to their upcoming sophmore album Old News being released January 18, 2019.  

The highlight to The Steel Woods performance comes when headliner Cody Jinks adds a cameo to the Merle Haggard cover “Are The Good Times Really Over.” 

Tennessee Jet is a self proclaimed “one man honky-tonk band” with heavy influences of a hard core Dwight Yoakam, Neal Young and Bob Dylan.  The acoustic-folk singer/songwriter entertained the crowd with a set list full of artsy tunes.  

The show begins with an emotional dedication for all military veterans in “Never Forget.” 

From there he shows off his musical talents by playing a kick drum and floor tom, guitar and harmonica all while singing his storied songs. 

Performing original songs “Burnin’ Few,” “What Kind Of Man,” “Hwy 51 Blues” and “Soul,” Tennessee Jet adds covers songs “Ramblin’ Fever (Merle Haggard)” and “I Saw The Light (Hank Williams Jr.).” He is also joined on stage by Cody Jinks for his own cover of Waylon Jennings’ “Waymore Blues.” 

Although each of the three artists have their own twists and sounds, it is evident from the crowds reaction that they approve.  There were no hip hop, rap spins that took you to Fantasy Land and talked about young girls, pick up trucks and partying like that of all the bro-country songs, just real words and stories turned into songs with music telling of everyday life struggles and heartaches that people can relate to and often lean to.    

For those who have already found these three artists, they continue to follow and return to venues and support each of them.  To the others who may have not experienced Cody Jinks, The Steel Woods or Tennessee Jet, give them a listen and a follow.  More than likely, you will become a fan and be part of the next “SOLD OUT” show.  

To learn more about Cody, The Steel Woods, Tennessee Jet or 20 Monroe Live, follow the links below to keep up with news and upcoming shows.    

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Event Date: 01-DEC-2018