Unwritten Law brings their 20th anniversary tour of the Black Album to Las Vegas with support from Audio Karate and Ignite.

Tonight Unwritten Law is bringing the 20th anniversary of the Black Album to the small club of Vinyl. This is a perfect venue for this show, it is smaller and the crowd packs it pretty much from the start. The night begins with California rock band Audio Karate. They play a thirty minute set, cramming in as many of their songs as possible. Their sound draws in the people who are hanging out just outside of the club and they are glad they came in to catch this set.

Ignite is up next. They are another band from California and they have been around since the early 90’s so they bring in quite the extended fan base tonight. Their songs and set have a theme and they expound on this over the course of the night, basically believe in something, anything, and stand up for it. They move through songs like “Fear is Our Tradition,” “Let it Burn,” “This is a War,” and “Poverty for All.” During their set, the first mosh pits begin to break out and it reaches it’s peak with “My Judgement Day” and “Know Your History.” Their thirteen song set manages to fit many hits from their lengthy catalog, including a Bad Religion cover of “We’re Only Gonna Die.” The crowd is moving from start to finish and this is a perfect lead in to Unwritten Law.

The stage is dark and then the large video screen lights up with the Unwritten Law graphic. The band takes the stage as the lights come up and the crowd roars. This night has been advertised as playing the Black Album in it’s entirety plus other songs, so the crowd is vibrating with excitement to see what the night is going to entail. The first twelve songs of the night are the album from start to finish. The crowd is singing along and the mosh pit continues to grow. The energy the band is putting out is intense. Singer Scott Russo is delivering a perfect vocal performance while guitarist and bassist Chris Lewis and Jonny Gill respectively are animated with jumps and lots of emotion; all while drummer Wade Youman is illuminated by the video screen. The overall feeling is very punk rock and just what this crowd expects.

When the Black Album is complete, the set-list suddenly becomes unknown, but it doesn’t disappoint. Classics like “Celebration Song,” “Rest of My Life,” and “Save Me (Wake Up Call)” are played before the night closes with “Up All Night.” The mix of the album celebrating it’s twentieth birthday and these eight additional tracks deliver an intense night of punk rock to the near capacity crowd.

The Punk Rock Bowling Festival is coming to Las Vegas in a few weeks, and this show continues to show that punk is alive and well in the city. Not only was this a great preview for that festival, but it was an exciting Friday night. This tour is one that should not be missed when it comes to your town. You will not be disappointed with these three bands.

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Event Date: 08-FEB-2019

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