The Detroit duo Twiztid, delivers a most diabolical dissertation of mic dropping madness to the fans of central Florida and the Orlando Metropolitan area.

The Backbooth of Orlando, Florida is an edgy and mysterious venue that is well known for showcasing the talents of diverse musical genres as well as their fans.  Sunday night, their doors opened to hordes of “horror-core” fans of the underground, hip-hop community, many dressed in a variety of startling, Halloween-esque ensembles.  Several could be seen sporting Twiztid style face paintings and showing their support by displaying various pieces of Juggalo style concert swag.  The crowd is best described as intense and loyal, with random chants of “family” and “Magic Ninja,” breaking the pre-show atmosphere (also evident by this packed to capacity venue, current album and ticket sales.)
Shortly after 11pm, the Backbooth is it ignited with a unique energy as the lights dim and a curious aroma creeps through the air and across the stage.  Two skyscraper like structures tower ominously as they sit center-stage, adorned with light turrets and laser canons similar to that of a fully functional “Deathstar.”
The beat drops,  the lights blaze, the lasers ignite…revealing the gruesome twosome known as Twiztid.  Although they are not painted in their iconic makeup, they still exude the “Spooktacular” ambience that their brethren craves. Explosive and energetic, the demonic duo launch into a lyrical onslaught, bombarding their fans with a flurry of catchy rhymes, driving beats and explicit lyrics.  Their set list celebrates a strong career that spans twenty plus years and a few noteworthy record label changes.  
Jeremy Madrox and Paul Methric “Monoxide”, did not let the crowd catch a breath from the second they took the stage, opening the show with their monster hit “Second Hand Smoke.”  They proceed to roll through their hardcore, cult classics like “Die Mother Fucker Die,”  “A Little Fucked Up,” and “We Don’t Die.”  Fans were treated to an evening of more than an hour plus of Twiztid tales, complete with a special guest appearance by Blaze Ya Dead Homie. 
Throughout the evening Madrox and Monoxide give a spot on performance keeping the venue energy “high” by frequently interacting with their audience with witty banter and satirical commentary that only the true family of Juggalos can understand. Concert-goers in attendance are awestruck by the power and mesmerizing stage presence that this Magic Ninja team brings to a live performance. 
The scene drastically intensifies when the twins of terror launch their controversial and gore-riffic classic “I’m Gonna Kill Somebody.”  Audience members chanted lyrics back at the stage with a creepy, cult-like accuracy.  As if their audio arsenal is not enough to wow the crowd, it is supplemented with a truly amazing and spectacular lighting show, hurling multi-colored laser beams into the mesmerized faces of their Juggalo and Juggalette following. 
Twiztid is currently on their “Mostasteless” Tour in support of their 2017 release The Continuous Evilution of Life’s ?’s and has a 2018 release tentatively titled The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For currently in the works. 
For those extreme horror-core, hardcore, and underground hip-hop fans, a live performance by Twiztid is a Jugaloo dream come true and a must see.  For inexperienced concert goers and part-time music enthusiasts, be forewarned: it is extreme, intense, and some just might say downright disturbing.  Despite the fact you choose to celebrate, at the end of the night, all in attendance will agree that a Twiztid live show is the good fun, that quality and long lasting nightmares are made from.

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Event Date: 22-OCT-2017