Tiger Army makes their return to the Valley of the Sun with special guests, The Limit Club and Calabrese.

22-May-2016: Tiger Army hadn’t played in Tempe, Arizona since October 2012 and you could feel the excitement in the crowd.

As soon as the lights went down and The Limit Club took the stage, the audience responded with a din of applause and shouts. They opened with “Sleeptalking” and the crowd welcomed them warmly. This concert was the first show for The Limit Club at the Marquis, and they took full advantage of the opportunity. Guitarist Monty said of the experience, “It was great to play Marquee after years of seeing my favorite artists perform on the same stage.”

Calabrese was the second act and the audience enthusiasm showed no signs of letting up. They started with“Death Eternal” to a roar of approval. The band responded in kind, and Bobby Calabrese (guitar/vocals) was especially animated. He flailed his long hair while playing and moving about the stage.

At one point Davey Calabrese left his drum kit and came to the edge of the stage. He leapt to the floor and greeted the fans while Davey and Jimmy Calabrese continued to play behind him. It was a special moment of fan/performer interaction, and the crowd seemed to appreciate the gesture.

Tiger Army was up next and no time was wasted setting the tone. Hitting both old favorites and songs off their new album, V •••–, their first release since 2007, they spent little time talking and went through their songs one after another.

Nick 13 did pause briefly and spoke to the crowd to express the band’s gratitude for everyone coming out. Naturally, the crowd cheered approvingly.

The band closed their set playing “Never Die.” With the song done, the lights went down, and the band walked off stage before the inevitable encore. The crowd pumped their fists in the air and chanted “never die!” over and over in the dark to bring them back out. It worked of course.

Singer/guitarist Nick 13 took the stage by himself and began playing, Djordje Stijepovic (stand-up bass) and Mike Fasano (drums) joined him a few moments later.

Limit Club’s stand-up bassist NickDave said of the experience “The show with Tiger Army was a fantastic experience, and we are very honored to have played with them.”

Drummer Jade said “Marquee Theatre was a dream. I didn’t expect that opportunity to ever come while I was still a teenager. Tiger Army is the greatest band I could’ve ever asked to support at my first rockabilly show.”

Few in attendance for Sunday’s show would disagree.

Photographer Jeff Niemoeller was on hand to capture images from the show.

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