After opening for Bush earlier this year, Theory Of A Deadman returned to Chicago on their own headlining tour.

What better way to spend a Sunday night than at the House of Blues enjoying a jam-packed night of rock and roll.

Artifas was the first of four bands to get the place rocking, with a high impact set that was just short of half an hour. This group from Memphis got everyone hyped up and ready for the night ahead. The energy level had been set.

Next to step up to the plate were Aranda, who more than brought their A-game. The showmanship was second to none, especially from the two Aranda brothers – Gabe on vocals and Dameon on guitar. The group is rounded out by a tight rhythm section who drove them powerfully through the set. These guys genuinely looked like a bunch of friends having fun together.

After another quick stage turnaround, it was time for band number three to take to the stage - Pop Evil. Judging by the crowd’s reaction, they could have filled the House of Blues with their own headlining show. Their performance was nothing short of outstanding with special mention having to go out to Chachi Riot on the drums for his animal-like performance. Their energy was palpable and definitely stepped the night up to the next level. 

By the time Theory Of A Deadman took to the stage, the audience had clearly forgotten their Sunday night blues. The party rocked on with a new found energy. Tyler Connolly’s command of the crowd was fantastic. Within seconds taking to the stage, he had them eating out of the palm of his hand. Looking at the packed out House of Blues, it was clear to see that Chicago was more than ready to welcome back TOADM. This was a performance of a well-oiled machine; a tight performance by a band who have clearly been doing what they are doing for a long time. Whilst the band is made up of 4 equally strong components, a special shout out must go to Joey Dandeneau for his drum solo on the night – impressive!

The tour continues on through North America until the end of November, and returns after the Holiday hiatus for a run through Canada and Europe, finishing up in March. Be sure to catch TOADM and friends when they roll through your town.

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