The many genres of metal were out in force at Acadia Bar and Grill. The Wizards of Gore A.K.A Rigor Mortis delivered an impressive performance with Epic Death, Black Standard and Dawn of Dissolution rounding out the bill.

The Houston-based power metal band, Dawn of Dissolution. The band is still new having formed in late 2014 and has only played live for six months. This fact is lost when seeing them in concert.

They began their set with the title track of their EP release, Nightfrost. Andrew Amon was stunning on lead guitar, and Joseph Marduk gave a stellar performance. Adrian Socaciu gave his all with his throaty, guttural vocals. Vincent Mennella gave a solid performance on his bass while and Cole Jones became a machine on the drums.

Dawn of Dissolution is Adrian Socaciu (vocals), Andrew Amon (lead and rhythm guitar), Joseph Marduk (lead and rhythm guitar), Vincent Mennella (bass), and Cole Jones (drums).

Black Standard, another local Houston band, brought their melodic groove metal sound announcing that they were back from hiatus with a new lineup.

Their set began with “Away” and they were a powerhouse from the start. Fans packed the small area near the stage, chanting and raising glasses to toast their return. Black Standard played an energetic and enthusiastic set. By the time they finished, the crowd was chanting their name.

They have an EP release called Something to Stand For that would be a welcome addition to any music lovers collection.

Black Standard is Zack Coll (vocals), Ruben Rodriguez (guitar), Brandon Morley (drums), Justin del Busto (guitar), and Christopher Spence (bass).

The Houston playbill continues with another local, Epic Death. Tthe well-known melodic death metal band took the stage to rapturous applause.

Epic Death began their set with “Hide” from their December 2015 release, Witchcraft. Driving beats and shredding guitar along with the refined keyboards and pulsing bass gives this band a standout sound. Their fantastic cover of “Poison” was done with just enough reverence to make the listener think about Alice Cooper and then forget him as the music sucked them in. Their great stage presence and outstanding musicianship had the fans clamoring for more by the end.

The band lineup is Dennis Dorsett (vocals and guitar), Becky Dorsett (keyboards and vocals), Justin Riddler (bass and backing vocals), and Reece Stanley (drums).

Finally, it was time for the headliner, The Wizards of Gore aka Rigor Mortis. The legendary Dallas-based Thrash band began their set with Bruce Corbitt addressing the crowd saying that he was dedicating his performance to his father who had died just hours before. He said one of the last things his dad told him was to go on and to rock the crowd. That is exaclty what they did.

They played “Re-Animator,” and the crowd was worked into an instant sing along. Playing songs that spanned their illustrious 30-year career gave the audience a sense of musical history that was quite remarkable.

Bruce spoke to the crowd about Mike Scaccia, who collapsed on stage in 2012 and died tragically at the young age of 47 of a sudden heart attack. The band and fan heartily toasted Scaccia with a round of drinks.

Despite all the hardships Rigor Mortis have endured, the guys were genuinely enjoying themselves, a vibe which fans picked up as they packed in towards the stage.

Crowd favorites included “Cattle Mutilation,” “Contagious Contamination,” and “Ancient Horror.”

Rigor Mortis is Bruce Corbitt (vocals), Casey Orr (bass and vocals), Harden Harrison (drums), and Mike Taylor (guitar).

Our photographers, James Simons and Marissa Puckett, were on hand to capture the action.

Dawn of Dissolution

Black Standard
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Wizards of Gore A.K.A Rigor Mortis

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