Most bands couldn’t support both N’Dubz and also be able to play Download Festival, but The LaFontaines aren’t ‘most bands’.

However, over the last 11 years, this is the quandary that The LaFontaines have found themselves in. In this heavily over-saturated music industry, the musos have been searching for something new and original. And such have found what they are looking for in the Scottish three-piece.

Whilst their originality and their vast musical palette has also acted as a double-edged sword for an Ed Sheeran orientated music industry who don’t know what to do with the Motherwell based trio.

Despite this, the band are finally reaping their rewards with their new album storming into the UK Official Top 40. The band are currently out on tour across the UK, and with a string of sold-out dates on this run already, The LaFontaines find that tonight’s venue in Newcastle had to be upgraded due to demand.

At the top of the show, the Scottish three-piece proves that they mean business with an explosive airing of recent release Alpha, along with old favourite Class and the absolute banger that is Up. There is a real old school hip hop melody to the latter, it’s an earworm for sure.

There is no lull in The LaFontaines high energy setlist. Simultaneously, the band garners one of the best responses this writer has ever seen at The Cluny with mosh pits opening up in the centre of the room from the off.

Frontman Kerr Okan frequently makes his way into the crowd whilst orchestrating the madness and even at one point in the set judges an impromptu dance contest. The winner of which received a free t-shirt.

With his lyrical prowess and engaging and somewhat outgoing persona, Kerr certainly knows how to work the crowd. And they obey his every command whether that be to sing, jump or even get down on the floor during Pon De Fonts.

With the band’s current truncated three-piece line-up drummer Jamie Keenan adds vocals during the chorus of each number. This recent switch-up works very well, and the versatile drummer does a great job of holding down both roles whilst also assuming a position at the front of the stage. Whilst guitarist Darren lays down some fierce riffs throughout.

Each song in the set is so infectious, you can’t help but get swept away. The LaFontaines have got more catchy hooks than a fishing tackle shop. Highlights from the set include the likes of the groove-heavy Switch Out The Light, fan favourite Under The Storm, the hard-hitting Body and King along with the anthemic Release The Hounds.

Despite their plea for no encore, there was no chance the band were getting out without playing one more tune. The night coming to its fitting conclusion with All In. And just like the sentiment of the latter, The LaFontaines took a gamble by going against the grain and doing something different to their peers. Based on the response they received tonight it certainly paid off.

This Scottish trio is one of the most exciting live bands on the UK touring circuit right now.

About The Author

Adam Kennedy is an experienced music photographer based in northeast England. He has been shooting concerts for several years, predominantly with the band Vintage Trouble. In 2013, he was one of their tour photographers, covering the UK and Ireland tour including the headline shows and as opening act for The Who. As an accomplished concert photographer, Adam's work has been featured in print such as, Classic Rock Blues Magazine, Guitarist Magazine, Blues in Britain magazine, broadcast on the MDA Telethon on ABC Television in the US, used in billboard advertising for Renaissance Hotels in the US, and featured online via music blogs such as Uber Rock and Guitar Planet. He is also the official photographer at Newcastle Rock and Blues Club.

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