With so much new music out there right now it takes something special to stand out amongst the crowd.

Artists these days must have that certain X-Factor to get the recognition they deserve, and I’m not talking about the TV programme hosted by Simon Cowell et al. The Glorious Sons have got that quality in spades, and the tunes boot.

There is a lot of buzz on both sides of the Atlantic surrounding the Kingston-based outfit at present. Their latest single spent two weeks at the top of the Billboard Rock Charts whilst their last album Young Beauties and Fools also picked up the much-coveted Juno award for Best Rock Album. It is therefore of no surprise that the group’s first show in the capital for 20 months, is a complete sell-out.

Those in attendance at London’s Scala are no strangers to The Glorious Sons. The crowd are locked in from the moment the band hits the stage to the sounds of Funny Thing, White Noise and The Ongoing Speculation Into The Death of Rock and Roll. And based upon the evidence presented here tonight, those heralding the latter are most certainly served a slice of humble pie.

The London crowd sing wholeheartedly and at the tops of their voices throughout. The audience acting like an army of backing vocalists, not that frontman Brett Emmons needs any help, his voice is in impeccable shape.

Emmons does not shy away from the action, with almost every song he is found barefooted on the security fence whilst spurring on the crowd. And just like his immediate relationship with the fans, there is a real sense of comradery within the band too. Brett is full of mischief and often tries to annoy his bandmates onstage. Just like the old saying goes – boys will be boys.

This evening’s set centres on The Son’s last record, whilst simultaneously teasing songs from their forthcoming release A War on Everything. Four tracks from the new record feature including the likes of Wild Eyes and hit single Panic Attack. Whilst the inclusion of Mama from the band’s debut EP Shapeless Art pleases the old school fans in attendance.

With a ten-song setlist, the show is over before we know it. But not before the band go out with a bang, quite literally, to the sounds of their anthemic single – S.O.S (Sawed Off Shotgun).

The return of these Ontario based Sons was indeed nothing short of Glorious. This band are the finest export to come out of Canada since Maple Syrup and their music sounds just as sweet.

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