Chicago progressive thrash outfit, Testimony, shredded the night away with Reign and Misanthropy as part of their first headlining concert of the year.

Ascending to the heights of the Windy City from the depths of northwest Indiana, the four-piece thrash ensemble of Testimony thrilled fans with a typically solid performance. This was their first headlining show of 2015, riding the wave from releasing the EP, The Beast That Prays, from last year. Their live show proved to be a testament to their roots in the traditional thrash style as well as displayed their mastery of music with the band’s stop-on-a-dime time changes and aggressive percussion.

Supporting Testimony was thrash trio, Reign and Misanthropy. The later is a four-piece neo-thrash band with a predilection for quoting “Macho Man” Randy Savage between their set list.

All bands can be found in the greater Chicago area. Testimony currently has their sights set on hitting the road in the near future.

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