Tesla brings their Shock tour to a sold out crowd at the House of Blues in Las Vegas

Fans flock to the House of Blues to see Tesla for a sod out night. Tonight is special, not only are they celebrating their new release Shock, but it is also the thirtieth anniversary of their second album The Great Radio Controversy which some might argue brought this band to the mainstream recognition that they have now. Tesla is also a unique band with many of the members Brian Wheat (bass), Frank Hannon (guitar), Jeff Keith (vocal), Troy Luccketta (drums) being from the beginning days of the band. The only newer member is guitarist Dave Rude, but he’s been with the band for well over a decade. They treats the crowd not only to a cohesive performance but basically the original lineup which is a rarity.

Keith’s vocal is still spot on and there is no denying the playing abilities of Hannon. These two command the stage from the moment the show starts with “You Won’t Take Me Alive,” moving into “Modern Day Cowboy” and “Be a Man.” The band is out to deliver a memorable night of music to the packed house. The songs sound just as they do on the albums, there isn’t a missed note or any flaw that you can point to. For being a hard rock band, Tesla has always embraced the acoustical elements and tonight is no different. It is this mix of heavy and acoustic along with Keith’s distinctive vocal that gives this band it’s unique sound.

They move through the songs playing everything people want to hear. It may be cliche to say, but the performances of “Love Song” and “Signs” to close out the night show the crowd exactly what they love about this band; if you came for just these two songs you were treated to so many more like “Miles Away,” “Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out),” “What You Give” and “Little Suzi.” Each song has the crowd singing along. It is hard to tell what the crowd likes best, the classic tracks or the new. They all deliver and there isn’t a slow spot in the set.

The sold out crowd is treated to an impressive sixteen song set that is performed with perfection. There is something for both the old and new fans of this band and this tour is and new album is definitely worth checking out.

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Event Date: 30-MAR-2019

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