Adversity can’t hold down everyone in life. Sworn Enemy on the No Mercy No Surrender Tour is showing how the genre got its name, hardcore.

Another interesting night of music and mayhem at Iggy’s started out with a last minute surprise. The Convalescence made a last minute opener for the show. The hometown favorites brought their energy and stage show to the crowd and left with trademark makeup running down their faces from sweat and exertion. Their originally scheduled stop really missed a great performance.

Truth Ascension took over the reigns of the crowd and continued to add fuel to the musical fire. This metal group from the area is showing promise and isn’t content to stay an opening band for long. They have plans that are ambitious and if they come through this year, they may even have you hearing about them in a big way. Loud guitars, screaming vocals, concussion inducing drums, and completely changing rhythms will keep you on your toes.

When you have facial hair to envy, drink from the offered cup of mysterious drummers, and rock out with energy, you have Hammer Fight in a nutshell. These fun loving rockers from New Jersey were full of smiles and music to get into and have stuck in your heads for a few days afterwards. Drew Murphy will be playing Captain Caveman if they ever make a live-action film of the title, and will do it for beer… a lot of beer. If you get the chance see them when they come to a venue near you.

Dark Sermon is certainly a band that plays to a different standard. From burning sage onstage to the tortured vocals of Johnny Crowder, the stage props just add to the surreal feeling of the set. The Tampa natives add a change up for the tour of more dominant, in your face acts for one that haunts your vision and makes you believe that sound on the way to your car might be your last experience on this plane of existence. Hopefully, In Tongues will be replaced with fresh music at some point in the year.

Charlotte, NC death metallers, Wretched, took the still somewhat spooked crowd and whipped them back into true frenzied states with their over the top electric vibe and laying it all out for the crowd. Showing why the band is still together and thriving for the last ten years was easy to see. Adam Cody put every ounce of power in his vocals and lead the other guys down a truly non-stop blitz on the ears and left more than a few necks in pain the next morning for work.

After getting to ask Sal Lococo of Sworn Enemy some questions for National Rock Review earlier, which you can read here, seeing them in person and closing out the night was not a letdown. With all of the trials the band has been through, you could still see the light in the guys’ eyes for being on stage and doing what they are best at, playing their brand of hardcore metal. Seeing these legends from Queens, NY should definitely be on your to-do list if they are in the area. Let us know if you do and what you thought.

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