The Sword and special guests Royal Thunder stop in Chicago’s south side during their winter tour.

There has been a lot of speculation these days as to where metal is heading in the future. Will it get heavier, darker and more shocking or has it already morphed into something altogether different right under our noses? They say that everything old is new again and with the rising popularity of “stoner rock” and “doom metal” bands, one might say the statement rings true.

The Sword (Razor and Tie) might fall into one of the aforementioned categories, but the Austin rockers appear to land somewhere in between as many bands these days seem to do. Their sound is not as melancholy and self-deprecating as doom metal and not as heavy as some other successful stoner rock bands. The Sword feels right at home on another planet or possibly playing on the radio in an obligatory beat up old pick up truck somewhere in Wyoming like their latest acclaimed album, High Country, would suggest. The band has been through some changes over the years and their sound has taken on positive new directions. However, for the most part, audiences are going with the flow and the band is doing well on the road as they head home to wrap up their tour with a couple of home state gigs.

Supporting The Sword on their winter tour are Royal Thunder (Relapse) who stand on their own gaining fans for their latest release, Crooked Doors. If you’re a fan of a more esoteric experience in progressive metal, be sure to get to know this band. With Crooked Doors being only their second full length album, they’ve been climbing upwards within the ranks of their contemporaries. Vocalist and bass guitarist Mlny Parsonz blows the doors off of the competition with her powerhouse vocals in the vein of Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Siouxsie Sioux, and Johnette Napolitano. It was good to see the band talk to fans and the merchandise line swell after their set. Keep your eyes on Royal Thunder and watch them surpass most of the bands they’ve opened for in the past.

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