SWMRS throw a Halloween bash and rock the house at the Uncool Halloween show at the UC Theater in Berkeley, California.

Running out onto the stage decked out in homemade Halloween costumes, SWMRS immediately launch into “Palm Trees,” off of their debut record Drive North. The sold-out crowd is already singing along to every word is all smiles, even as a stage diver dressed as a dinosaur lands on top of a few of them. The energy of the band is clearly infectious, as evident by almost the entire floor area dancing and moving around.

For the next hour, SWMRS delight the costumed kids with a setlist that includes “Silver Bullet,” “Lost at 17,” and “Turn Up.” Before “Uncool,” guitarist Cole Becker says that this song is there motto, and asks the crowd to repeat after him, as he says “I Just Want To Be Uncool.” “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!” is also a crowd pleaser, and as they wrap up the evening with the title track “Drive North,” it was quite clear that Uncool Halloween was a success.

The Interrupters support SWMRS on this evening, and as vocalist Aimee Interrupter walked out on stage throwing candy to the crowd in the front rows, the rest of the band join her and kick off a highly energetic ska-punk set that includes “Family,” “Sound System, and of course “Take Back The Power.” They are in top form, and have the crowd chanting along, especially during the chorus of “By My Side.” They are the perfect band to get the crowd ready for the headliners.

Also taking the stage in costumes, Los Angeles’ The Regrettes put on a stellar set that has anyone who was still in the lobby between bands into the venue and down to the stage. Vocalist Lydia Night rocked the crowd with amped up versions of “A Living Human Girl,” and “Juicebox Baby.” Night also hoped off the stage and into the crowd, much to the delight of the fans in the front.

All in all, it was a fun night of pop-punk, and definitely a success.

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Event Date: 28-OCT-2017

About The Author

Raymond Ahner is a professional freelance photographer residing in San Francisco, California. Growing up in the Bay Area, Raymond was lucky enough to witness both the Punk and Thrash Metal scene of the 1980's explode literally right in front of his eyes. It was a pretty special time in his life, and is what instilled his love for live music. Over the years Raymond has been fortunate enough to combine his passion for live music with his love of photography. And although he will always love shooting the big arena Rock show, it is in a tiny, packed to the rafters club were he his most at home with his gear.