Legendary death-core pioneers, Suicide Silence, who once won the title “Best New Talent”, return to Detroit with a tour that’s dedicated to debut album and late vocalist. 

It’s been ten years since the release of Suicide Silence‘s The Cleansing. It’s also been five years since the death of vocalist, Mitch Lucker. Most fans would agree that there is no better way to honor both, album and visionary pioneer vocalist of such album, than to have a lengthy and demanding North American tour, playing the album in its entirety every night.

Opening the show, Prison, a nu-metal outfit from Florida that really have a sound that is all of their own. They are self-claimed to hail from Florida’s muck, but one wouldn’t be able to tell. Prison provided a dynamic fire and certain heat that created a perfect opening act to break the chill in a room as cold as The Shelter. They had the room jumping up and down, moving side-to-side, waving hands in the air, and thrashing on the floor. The inspirational messages from the outspoken and no-holds-barred vocalist, Johnny Crowder, touching on topics such as depression and suicide, encouraging hope to those who are in distress was a personal moment for the audience to embrace.

The second band to play was Upon a Burning Body, an American metal band from San Antonio, Texas. They are ferocious, fun to watch and listen to live. In true Texas intensity they nearly,”burned this place down” with their playing. These guys brought it right to the table as a supporting act on this tour, bringing attitude and talent. What an amazing supporting band to prime the stage right before the legendary Suicide Silence.

The headliners were Suicide Silence, and the lineup included Eddie Hermida (vocals), Chris Garza (guitar), Mark Heylmun (guitar), Dan Kenny (bass) and Alex Lopez (drums).

Suicide Silence hit the stage and immediately got down to business doing what they do best. Opening up the night with “Unanswered”, while later on in the show we all heard favorites that brought back memories of Mitch Lucker, such as “Bludgeoned to Death,” “Girl of Glass,” “The Price of Beauty,” “No Pity for a Coward,” and “Green Monster.” So, as the night was taking its close, the band played the last song and then departed. The crowd demanded more, as you hear the infamous chant of every concert-goer, “one more song!” As they are musicians deeply devoted to their fans, the demands were met with three more songs. Not only did they play three more songs but a famous Mitch Lucker style calling came forth for the “Wall of Death”. Eddie had given the crowd his favor with saying that, “…it had been in the top 10 of the tour thus far…”.

The night was over, and there is only one-way Suicide Silence can leave Detroit, and that’s with destroying everything on stage. We had seen drums stacked high, and knocked over by a hit with a high-hat stand, amplifiers over-turned, guitars were smashed, and all of this was done to the soothing screeches and melodic howls from the guitar of Mark Heylmun.

Overall, the performance by Suicide Silence was in the spirit of Mitch Lucker, and much respect goes out to Eddie for keeping the vocal style in complete homage to Mitch. Detroit is definitely looking forward to the next tour Suicide Silence has to offer.


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Event Date: 29-NOV-2017

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