English rockers The Struts mesmerize the sold out crowd in Flint, Michigan with their unique style of 70s inspired modern-day rock n’ roll.

The Struts is a band that everyone needs in their life. Comprised of vocalist Luke Spiller, guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliott, and drummer Gethin Davies, they have created a lot of hype as a ‘must-see’ live band.

In fact, Spiller mentions to the crowd that not much was happening for them in England so they decided to come to America, and have been touring the States non-stop for the past two years. This extensive touring seems to be paying off as they are playing sold out shows on almost every stop of their current tour.

This band doesn’t just take a stage; they explode on to it with boundless energy. Spiller yells “Get your hands up,” as the band promptly kicks into “Put Your Hands Up.” The crowd immediately oblige with their arms up in the air waving back n’ forth.

Spiller has a commanding stage presence. He is vocally strong, with an excellent range, which is reminiscent in places to Freddie Mercury with a touch of Tim Curry (Rocky Horror Picture Show) and a hint of Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance). He peruses about the stage mesmerizing the audience with moves similar to that of a young Mick Jagger or Steven Tyler.

Never a dull moment, Spiller has the audience in the palm of his hand as they dance around to the band’s infectious tunes. They play almost every song off of their debut full-length album, Everybody Wants, along with a couple of new ones. Spiller also shows his musical talent as he picks up the acoustic guitar for a hauntingly beautiful version of “Mary Go Round.”

During the band’s encore, Spiller asks the entire audience to step one foot back from the stage and get down on the ground with him. Everyone obliges with not a single person standing, as they wait anxiously in anticipation as to what Spiller would have to say next. “Jump,” he yells, as the place erupts into a total frenzy of bodies’ pogoing up and down in unison while waving their arms about and screaming along until the very end.

“Ladies and gentleman, remember the name The Struts,” Spiller states as he drops his top hat to the floor, then exits stage left back into the darkness from which he and the band originally arose.

Timeless bands are made up of exceptional musicians with an even more exceptional front man. The Struts are just that. They find what is needed to get you moving. And move you shall.

Our photographer, Thom Seling, was on hand to capture this magical night.

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