Steel Panther, the 21st century’s answer to what happened to the glory days of hair metal.

It was a packed house at The Beacham in downtown Orlando. The fans were lined up and down the block to get in a few hours before the doors opened with many dressed in their best leopard and zebra print spandex and fishnet.

Wearing more make up than most fans in the audience and an equally large amount of Aqua Net that you’d not want an open flame anywhere near, Steel Panther truly rocked like it was 1987. The band members, all using pseudonyms, bring their own style to their parts in the show. Singer Michael Starr, has as much energy as any singer of the 80s heydays; he hits those high notes like the pro that he is.

All of the band members interact, jokingly, with the female attendees with invitations to “meet up” after the show. … taking a line from the movie Rock Star, said with a longing, “I miss going up on that bus.” Speaking of that same movie, did you know Michael Starr was in it? As he said post-show, “If you blinked, you missed me.” He’s the guy that’s just finishing up his audition for Steel Dragon walking out of the sound booth as Mark Wahlberg’s and Jennifer Aniston’s characters are walking in. All be it, he has dark hair, but the face is still the same.

On bass was Gorgeous Lexxi Foxxx who took the time to re-apply his make up mid-show at an onstage vanity. He is hilarious as he holds aloft a bedazzled handheld mirror, and later two leaf blowers brought in to give his ultra long blond locks a ‘glamour guy’ effect. He handled it with style while never losing that Bret Michaels-like pout.

Satchel, a guitar virtuoso, played about a six or seven-minute solo and brought a fan out of the audience to the stage who had been screaming he wanted to show Satchel how well he can play. He was asked if he knew the songs AND could keep up with the band in the abs department, to which he promptly took his shirt off. Satchel handed him the guitar and the guy failed miserably showing Satchel is THE man. Later in the show, a piano is brought out to the front of the stage where Stix Zadinia, the drummer, comes down from his drum riser to play “Why Can’t You Trust Me,” a song reminiscent of Crue’s “Home Sweet Home.” What would a great hair metal band be without ‘that one’ power ballad?

This is most certainly an 80s guru’s hair metal parody that should not be missed. The set list includes such titles as “Eatin Aint Cheatin,” “Shocker,” and “Stripper Girl.” While the later tune may not be politically correct nor appeal to everyone but with their tongue-in-cheek take on the sex, drugs, and rock n roll, it well defines a ‘golden’ time on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. Come with a sense of humor and be ready to have the time of your life; this show is guaranteed to cause flashbacks of the best kind.

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