Skunk Anansie are back with their sixth studio album and a sold-out European tour.

Skunk Anansie is playing their second electric show in almost three years. “Nice to see you haven’t forgotten us,” lead singer Skin (Deborah Anne Dyer) graciously thanks the full house in attendance at the O2 Forum in Kentish Town, London. With such powerful and energetic showmanship, a string of stadium-sized anthems, and two decades worth of provocative social commentary, Skunk continues to stand the test of time.

After a nine-year hiatus in the early noughties, the 90s mega Brit-rockers have just released their sixth studio album, Anarchytecture. Tonight they open with an explosive 2009 track, “Tear the Place Up,” followed by “I Believed in You” from their 2012 release, Black Traffic. However, as they dive into showcase tracks from their new album, including “That Sinking Feeling” and “Bullets,” it is clear that tonight is far from a greatest hits show.

Their new tracks offer fans a fresh selection of the intrinsically Skunk combination that is big riffs, heavy bass, and bold vocals, which is a contrast to the more experimental and emotional follow-up single, “Death To The Lovers.” However, it is the classics such as “Hedonism,” “Weak,” and “Charlie Big Potato” which automatically ignite the audience as they enthusiastically sing along. They end the night with “Little Baby Swastikkka” and the iconically androgynous Skin wears her ‘beautiful badass’ badge with pride.

Supporting Skunk on their European tour is London three-piece Bones, whom Mark Richardson (Skunk Anansie drummer) was keenly watching from the crowd.

Both bands were photographed by Eric Duvet.

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