Grammy nominated metal band Shadows Fall brought their heavy-hitting metal sound to St. Louis as they made a stop in the Gateway to the West.

The crowd from the front of the stage to the bar at the back of the club was filled with crowd surfing and circle pits. Singer Brian Fair is a new resident to St. Louis, living about 15 miles from downtown. A great response from the crowd for Shadows Fall, many of the attendees I talked to were excited for this show since it was announced over a month ago.

The band, Dead by Wednesday from New Haven, Connecticut, played right before Shadows Fall. Once they began playing, people who were shopping at the merch tables on the lounge side of Fubar started coming over to the Venue side and filling up the space in front of the stage. The band spent a lot of time before and after the show talking with fans, signing merchandise, and generally being exceptionally cool. The drummer’s nickname is Opus and he has a plush Opus the Penguin mounted on his drum set. He spent the most time out in the crowd talking to everyone. Their sound is based on a thrash/hardcore crossover, but there’s more complexity than just a simplistic crossover, it’s a new and interesting sound.

St. Louis local, Black Fast, are continuing to make a name for themselves by opening for the headliners this night and along with Battlecross this past May. They’re quickly making their way up in the local and regional rankings. I suggest keeping an eye out for them nationwide. They spend time hanging out with the fans and they have a great sense of humor, always smiling and laughing and having a good time. You can find a free download from their ReverbNation page: Reverbnation > Black Fast freedownload

Hallow Point is another up and coming St. Louis based band that shows promise, they’ll be opening up for Chimaira in August. I’ve shot this band before, but haven’t had a chance to really talk to them. The fans seem to like them and they draw others into the club from out front.

Gray’s Divide was the first band onstage from central Illinois that is looking at some big shows in their future. They have secured a spot on the bill with Straight Line Stitch the end of August.

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