Rock band Saving Abel finds new ways to connect with fans while the entertainment business is crippled due to a worldly pandemic.

As COVID-19 has put the world on stall mode, the entertainment business has been hit the hardest. Since March of 2020 when the virus took over the world, indoor entertainment has come to a screeching halt. The music industry has been hit the hardest as the entertainers employ large crews to make the show happen from night to night.

As the world slowly starts to recover, movie theaters, sporting arenas and stadiums, along with live music venues still sit idle and empty waiting for the virus to pass. With social distancing and crowd gathering limitations taking effect, it is impossible for those places to open and function properly in a safe and economical fashion. In the meantime, for those who are in the entertainment industry, they sit at home trying to survive without an income coming in. Wondering when or where their next paycheck will come from, many are looking for ways to get back to business and get the money rolling in again.

For the rock band Saving Abel, golf is the answer this past weekend in Michigan.

On Saturday and Sunday, the band teams with 517Golf to put on a two day golf charity outing. Over the two days, fans are able to play 36 holes of golf along with the band while competing for various prizes throughout the days while raising money for local charities: Brooklyn Food Bank and Clubs For Kids programs.

After playing at another location on Saturday, the band and crew move to the Hills’ Golf Course on Sunday to wrap up the final 18 holes of golf. Throughout the day, scattered rain showers put a damper to the fun on the greens. However, it doesn’t hamper the fun amongst the participants as they enjoy the time spent with the band and the fun of being out and about for the weekend.

At the conclusion of the golf outing as the day evolves into the evening, the golfers and a small amount of ticketed guests gather onto the open fairway of the 13th hole for a special acoustic performance by the band. With a stage perched up on the tiered tee boxes, the concert attendees spread out across the fairway social distancing themselves to enjoy the evening’s entertainment.

The show starts off with local comedian Rusty Whedon from Jackson, MI. Rusty lightens the mood with some adult humor to warm the crowd.

Singer/songwriter Troy Jackson formally of Jackson, now living in Taylor is next. Troy performs a few original songs while playing either his 6 or 12 string guitars. Songs include “What About You,” “No More” and “Days Go By” before ending with “Purple Rain” by his favorite artist, Prince.

After 36 holes of golf and nearly four months off, it was time for the guys of Saving Abel to come do what they have missed doing….taking the stage for another show.

Saving Abel is a rock band from Mississippi formed in 2004. The band consists of: Scotty Austin (lead singer who joined the band in 2013), Scott Bartlett (rhythm guitar and backing vocals), Jason Null (lead guitar and backing vocals), Scott Wilson (bass guitar) and Steven Pulley (drums).

During the unscripted nine song acoustic show, the band performs song from the first three (Saving Abel, Miss America and Bringing Down The Giant) of four studio albums.

The band starts the show off with a heavy rock tone with “New Tattoo” and “Contagious” while the younger ones in attendance nod their head to the beat.

Softening the tone, Scotty calls out all the friends with benefits with the 2010 hit single “The Sex Is Good” before jumping right into the harmoniously “Mississippi Moonshine” from the Miss America album.

The band is relaxed in the more intimate setting as Scotty jokes with the crowd that he is more used to seeing just the eyes out in the crowd as to tonight where he can see the smiles on the peoples faces as they have fun and sing along to the songs.

Being off the road for the past few months, the guys have been staying close to home with their families trying to be safe and figure out how best to combat not being able to interact with their fans. As Scotty has just become a father, he has been spending time at home with the newborn, but is also ready to get back out on the road. Although there are still strict guidelines and restrictions on being able to congregate in large gatherings, the event this weekend has been enjoyable to the guys as they ponder on putting more events like this one on in the future.

Getting back to the music, the crowd gets excited as the band continues with two of their top singles “18 Days” and “Drowning (Face Down).”

The band concludes their acoustic performance while a few in the crowd try rushing the stage during the hot 2008 debut single “Addicted.”

The weekend ends in success as the event proves that even with social distancing and group limitations, the music and show can still continue and play. With a bit of an imagination you can still experience live music rather than going to your local drive-in to watch an artist on the big-screen as if watching a movie. When an event comes to your local area, be sure to get out and support it. And remember…although it may only be entertainment for you, it is someone else’s livelihood you are supporting.

Appreciation goes out to Hills’ Golf Course in Brooklyn, MI, Tim Corser and 517Golf along with Saving Abel for all your hospitality and allowing National Rock Review the opportunity to cover this event.

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Saving Abel setlist:

  1. New Tattoo     2. Contagious     3. Mystify     4. The Sex Is Good     5. Mississippi Moonshine     6. You Make Me Sick     7. 18 Days     8. Drowning (Face Down)     9. Addicted 

Troy Jackson setlist:

  1. What About You     2. No More     3. Fallen Choice     4. I Love     5. Days Go By     6. Purple Rain (Prince Cover)


Event Date: 19-JULY-2020