One week after releasing her latest album, Sara Evans visits the Four Winds Casino to share some new music along with her greatest hits of the past.

For the first time since 2014 and thus leaving her record label, Sara Evans has reemerged in the spotlight dropping new music along the way.  On July 21, Sara released her eighth studio album Words from her own record label, Born To Fly Records.

In addition to her latest release, Sara is out on tour now introducing her fans to the new music.  On Saturday night, Sara makes a stop in New Buffalo to play inside the Silver Creek Event Center at the Four Winds Casino.

The show begins with a new song off the album called “Long Way Down” which is where Sara feels is “A Real Fine Place To Start.”

Throughout the show, Sara adds new songs in place with some of her timeless classics that her fans have become accustomed to over the past 20 years of her career.  With each new song reflecting from raw emotional experiences, Sara also adds a bit of stand-up comedy to help keep the show enjoyable and entertaining.   

She speaks of recently going to a concert as a civilian and it was really hard for her.  Going through the experience of buying the tickets, getting to the venue, grabbing snacks on the way to your seat just to enjoy a 90-minute performance by someone is quite overwhelming.  From that one night out, Sara has taken a new outlook on what her fans go through to come see her at her performances and she is very honored and thankful for each and every one of them that takes time out of their day to add her to it.  

Sara introduces the new album as kind of heavy, real and may make you cry, even on the love songs.  “All The Love You Left Behind” is her favorite song that she has ever recorded and speaks about agony and pain of losing someone you loved so much.

Having nighttime anxiety, she has a problem going to bed.  She doesn’t like to give it up and jokes with the crowd that that is the reason why she makes people stay up until 3 am listening to music with her.  As she listens to the next song, it reminds her of her anxiety and how precious the song is.

Introducing her brother Matt as a guitar player in the band, he is also her band’s conductor.  Her sister Lesley is also in the band as a backing vocalist.  She also has another sister, Ashley, who also assists on all her other records.  On the song “Night Light,” Lesley and Ashley are both featured right in the beginning “because I felt sorry for them and had to add them,” jokes Sara.

“Marquee Sign” is the first single off the album and speaks of starting a relationship with someone and wishing they had a warning sign over them identifying them as the person they really are and what their intentions are really about.  

Her #1 hit single from 2010 “A Little Bit Stronger” is a follow-up to what you would listen to if you fall in love with a person without the marquee sign.

Sara grew up on a farm in Missouri as a true farm girl claiming “we worked our butts off.  We were true country people.”  Growing up playing country music, she started performing in local bars at the age of six or seven years old covering all the great female artists like Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton.  But before she could go and perform, she had to make sure her chores were finished.  The crowd chuckles when she adds that when falling in love with a redneck from Michigan, you still have to have your chores done first before jumping in his pick-up truck.  She explains that you can’t leave clothes on the line or “Suds In The Bucket.”

Before going any further Sara stops the music to call out a lady in the crowd who has been trying to get her attention throughout the show.  Sara calls her to the stage so she can read the note on a piece of paper that says that her and her husband had seen her in North Carolina and couldn’t wait to see her again in New Buffalo.  The crowd roars in laughter and applause as Sara acknowledges her and her husband by telling the lady she loves them too, but next time text her.

Feeling grateful for her career and all she has achieved, she concludes her show with “I Could Not Ask For More” and the timely ending of “Born To Fly.”

With the crowd standing and chanting her name, Sara once again returns to the stage for an encore.  As she sits on a stool at center stage she takes a minute thanking the crowd once again for supporting her and making her dreams come true.  She then proceeds to sing the title track “Words” to the new album. 

Before ending her night’s performance, Sara and the crowd serenade each other with the Bruno Mar’s cover of “Just The Way You Are.”

With the up and down emotional set of songs in her show tonight, Sara ends the evening with the uplifting dance cover “Shut Up And Dance,” by Walk The Moon.

With the release of her new album, Sara is on her way back to the limelight she was once part of.  When you have songs on your album with true feelings and raw emotions than you don’t need songs that talk about trucks, getting drunk or girls in bikinis.  At some point in your life it is time to grow up and mature, and when that time comes this album is for you.   

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Event Date: 29-JUL-2017

Sara Evans setlist:

  1. Long Way Down     2. A Real Fine Place To Start     3. Perfect     4. As If     5. Not Over You     6. Diving In Deep     7. All The Love You Left Me     8. Night Light     9. Marquee Sign     10. A Little Bit Stronger     11. Slow Me Down     12. Suds In The Bucket     13. I Could Not Ask For More     14. Born To Fly     Encore: 15. Words     16. Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars cover)     17. Shut Up And Dance (Walk The Moon cover)