Hard-hitting, energetic two-piece British band, Royal Blood, fill Chicago’s Lincoln Hall to bursting point for their Lollapalooza After Show.

Listening to the powerful sound of Royal Blood, you’d be forgiven for mistaking them for a full band. The twosome filled Lincoln Hall with just a drum kit, bass and a pedalboard full of tricks.

Taking to the stage at midnight, the crowd were clearly ready for the show and weekend ahead. With a crowd that packed out Lincoln Hall, the night did take a feisty turn. Passionate fans lurched towards the stage, which at one point caused Mike Kerr to double check that “we’re all on the same side here tonight, right?”

Surging aside, everyone was there for the music and to be part of the four-day Lollapalooza festival weekend. Their last visit to Chicago was playing at the iconic Metro. As part of the Lollapalooza weekend, fans get the opportunity to see bands in a more intimate setting. You don’t get more intimate than a Royal Blood show at Lincoln Hall.

Since their last visit, the guys have released a new album, How Did We Get So Dark?, which they played a number of songs from throughout the night. The second album easily stands shoulder-to-shoulder with their debut hit album, however, the entire room erupted when they performed “Come On Over”.

Rounding out their 13-song set with Ben Thatcher taking his drums to the main floor, surrounded by the ever energetic crowd, for their song “Out Of The Black”. There was no sign of the energy waning at all. Luckily, this didn’t have to be the end of it as this was just the precursor to them taking to the Lollapalooza stage the very next day.

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Event Date: 04-AUG-2017

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