Rival Sons and the Sheepdogs take over the Fillmore Detroit for a rock-fueled night presented by WRIF.

Opening the night was the Sheepdogs. The crowd cheers as the band start with some of their staple songs “Gonna Be Myself” and “I’ve Got A Hole Where My Heart Should Be.” The Sheepdogs have always kept true to themselves, paving the way with their infectiously catchy, soulful, retro sound with beautiful harmonies and a pinch of southern rock.

Ryan Gullen, fitted out in his signature burgundy suit, gets the crowd grooving with his thumping bass lines in “Who?” while guitarist Jim Bowskill, decked out in a white cowboy outfit decorated with doves, red roses and sparkling sequins, commands your attention with his guitar. Ewan Currie’s voice can lift your spirits and break your heart, while his guitar harmonizes perfectly with Bowskill. Sam Corbett pulled everyone together with his hard-hitting drum beats while Shamus Currie brought on the Sheepdog’s signature sound on the keys.

The band brings the crowd on a ride through hits like “Southern Dreaming,” “Help Us All,” “How Late, How Long,” and more. A big treat of the night was a mashup of “Cool Down” and “Kiss The Brass Ring,” where Shamus Currie traded the keys for an amazing trombone solo while his brother Ewan took over the keys.

The band closed their set with “I Don’t Know” and “Nobody,” – a perfect illustration of their sound and musical talents. The Sheepdogs will be continuing to tour with the Rival Sons through the spring, and their latest album Changing Colours is available now on their website.

As the crowd waited for the fated headliner, the venue went dark as a projection of a skeleton with a beating heart appears on stage. The heart begins to beat louder as the shadows of five musicians stride onto the stage. Lights flood the stage, and the crowd erupts into cheers as the Rival Sons tear into “Back in the Woods” from latest album Feral Roots. “Sugar On The Bone” comes next, and “Pressure and Time” bring the crowd to a frenzy of singing along and throwing fists in the air.

The smash hit “Electric Man” brings the energy of the crowd to impossible heights as vocalist and frontman Jay Buchanan comes right up to the front row. The band showcased Feral Roots with “Too Bad,” “Feral Roots,” “All Directions,” and “End of Forever.”

Buchanan’s voice drips grit and soul as he saunters and kicks around the stage. Scott Holiday is a sight to see on guitar, his riffs crunchy and impossibly catchy. Dave Beste on bass and Michael Miley on drums absolutely command the heart of the band’s sound, keeping the rhythm that has everyone dancing. Todd Ögren is joining the band on tour, captivating the crowd from his keyboard. Altogether, these incredibly talented musicians bring the gritty, sexy, vintage, heavy sound that makes the Rival Sons’ sound something totally unique.

The band slowed down the night with a beautifully emotional rendition of the bluesy “Jordan” that leads straight into “Face of Light.” “Feral Roots” and “Torture” brought the heavy right back up again, all leading to a blistering guitar solo by Holiday that started the fan favorite “Open My Eyes.”

The band closes with the huge “Do Your Worst” which has the crowd belting out every word. It’s obviously not the end, and fans cheer as Rival Sons return to the stage for an adrenaline-fueled “Shooting Stars” and “Keep On Swinging.”

The Rival Sons have been on the scene since 2009. With countless sold out shows, six albums and one EP under their belt, this band is only getting better and better. Their tour continues throughout the spring and summer, and Feral Roots can be found on their website.

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Event Date: 23-APR-2019

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