PVRIS captivates fans with an energetic set at Royal Oak Music Theatre with support from LIGHTS and Flint Eastwood.

Opening the show tonight is pop artist Flint Eastwood from Detroit, MI.  She is touring in support of her 2017 release Broke Royalty.  Her music is infectious, she has a powerful voice, and she has a great stage presence that finds her constantly moving about the stage and pumping up the crowd.  Eastwood runs through a brief, but enthusiastic set that includes the songs “Queen”, “Push”, “Monster”, “Glitches” and “Rewind” from her latest release, as well as “Small Victories” from her 2015 album of the same title.

LIGHTS from Toronto is up next.  Her music is described as electropop or electro-soul, driven by the synth sounds.  However, there are songs that could easily be classified as pop, dance, and alternative.  But one thing is certain, she has a solid fan base tonight that appreciates all she does and they sing along to her songs.  LIGHTS works the whole stage, dancing from side to side and occasionally playing the keyboards and guitar. 

LIGHTS is touring in support of her recent Skin&Earth release.  Half of the set tonight comes from it including “Intro”, “Skydiving”, “New Fears”, “Savage”, “Moonshine”, and the single “Giants”.  She also plays several songs from her 2014 release Little Machines including “Portal” that shows off her talents with some soaring vocals near the end.  The only song in the set tonight from her 2011 release Siberia is “Flux and Flow”.  LIGHTS even ventures all the way back to her 2009 album The Listening to play “The Last Thing on Your Mind”.  She closes out her set with the popular single, “Up We Go”, that has the crowd cheering loudly, waving their hands, and singing along.

The stage lights dim and PVRIS from Lowell, Massachusetts jumps right into “Heaven”, a slow-building song with the soaring chorus “you took my heaven away”.  The crowd erupts with cheers and screams.  This is a rather quick return to the Detroit area having played the Mo Pop Festival back in July.  However, being the headliner this time around allows them to play a full set to the fans delight.  They are touring in support of their August 2017 release All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell and are gaining fans quickly.  18 months ago they played a venue in Detroit that was about half the size of tonight’s room.

The fans sing along to the popular “St. Patrick” with its repeating line “you’re a miracle” and follow that up with “Smoke”, both from their 2016 White Noise album.  At this point, they crank things up a notch with the fast-paced “Half” with its pulsing drums including Lynn hopping behind a drum set and jamming with Justin Nace.  Bassist Brian MacDonald lays down a solid groove on the bass while jumping around the stage.  They also get the crowd bouncing with the popular and aggressive rocker “Fire”, that finds the band under a sea of red lights.

Using plenty of backlighting, Lynn and the band are encased in starburst beams of light.  They also make use of three video screens behind them that show images during several songs.  This creates a cool ambiance that adds to the power of their songs and the overall vibe of the set. 

Guitarist Alex Babinski and Lynn Gunn perform a stripped down version of “Same Soul” that really shows off Lynn’s vocal range and talent. The fans love it and many sing along to it, as well as to every song.

Following several songs from their latest release, they rip into “My House” that once again has the crowd fired up as they cheer, jump, and sing along.  They return to the stage and tear through the encore “No Mercy”, a rapid-fire tune with pounding drums from their latest release.  Lynn once again gets behind the skins to jam with Justin, while Alex shreds on the guitar.  Lynn even drops into the pit to greet fans in the front row.  It’s an appropriate, high-energy ending to an overall solid and powerful set that finds PVRIS on top of their game. 

PVRIS band is Lynn Gunn (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards), Alex Babinski (lead guitar, keyboards), Brian MacDonald (bass, keyboards), and Justin Nace (touring drummer).

The full set for PVRIS tonight is “Heaven”, “St. Patrick”, “Smoke”, “Half”, “Fire”, “Holy”, “You and I”, “Same Soul”, “What’s Wrong”, “Winter”, “Separate”, “Anyone Else”, “My House”, and the encore “No Mercy”.

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Flint Eastwood
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Event Date: 20-Oct-2017