Paramore brought their self-titled era to a close by doing smaller shows titled Writing The Future with special guests Copeland in NYC.

For Tennessee based Paramore, their self-titled album was one of their best-selling to date, gaining them their first Grammy for Best Rock Song. These shows, which the band didn’t want to be called a tour, was a way for the band to celebrate their album and success in their own special way. Paramore consists of Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis, and Taylor York.

As explained during the show by front man Aaron Marsh, Copeland was chosen as the special guest due their previous tour with Paramour about 10 years ago, where the band first got their start. During Copeland’s set, the crowd stayed seated in the theatre, which was interesting for a live concert. The reason due to the band’s set list consisting of slower songs the audience calmly enjoyed as an opener.

When it was time for Paramore to take the stage, the theatre got dark, everyone stood up, and the band instantly began to play one of their singles off Paramore called “Daydreaming.” What made the remainder of the show special was that it felt so intimate. The band played songs off each of their albums, including All We Know Is Falling (2005), Twilight (2008), and a bonus track off the Paramore: Self-Titled Deluxe album.

At one point of the show, Hayley Williams, Justin York (touring member), and Taylor York sat down on three wooden chairs for the acoustic part of the set featuring the songs “Misguided Ghosts,” “The Only Exception,” and “Franklin.” As they were sitting, Hayley jokingly said, “If you’ve ever sat at a Paramore show before tonight, I have yelled at you and I’m sorry for that.” She continued saying, “I apologize because it feels great to sit down, especially when music is being played and you’re enjoying it. Thanks for standing.”

Before singing “The Only Exception,” Hayley explained how the song was about dealing with her parents’ divorce as a kid.  She continued saying how she didn’t think love was possible after seeing what a rough time her parents had with it.  She then said, “I wanna send this song out to you if you’re somebody that tonight you don’t feel like you believe in love; you don’t think it exists. Because I just wanna tell you that I believe for you.”

After the acoustic set, the band kicked things back up with an energetic performance of their single “Still Into You.” Hayley’s longtime boyfriend, Chad Gilbert from New Found Glory, made it to this show. He could be seen moving around the theatre to catch a glimpse of his fiancé.  His being there emphasized the intimacy of the show in that the audience and band was like a big family.

Towards the end of the show, more of the singles were played, such as “Misery Business” as well as their Grammy-winning song “Ain’t It Fun.” During “Misery Business,” a fan was brought onto the stage to sing the bridge of the song along with Hayley.  This part of the show was known to be key part of the show for Paramore fans.  Many of the fans on the theatre floor were prepared with signs to catch the band’s attention, some signs saying the occasional “Pick Me,” while other fans got more creative trying to fit what they can onto their sign to get noticed.

The show ended with an encore featuring the song “Future,” which perfectly ended the show titled Writing The Future.

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