Obituary delivers an outstanding evening of Death Metal in Louisville along with Gruesome, Stonecutters and Incursion.

Tonight the Louisville metal scene is treated to a great evening of Death Metal as Obituary arrives in the region on the East Coast leg of the Redneck Run tour.

The crowd steadily pours into Trixie’s on Tuesday evening not wanting to miss a minute of legendary Obituary’s set.  As the house lights drop, the energy level rises and everyone knows that the place is ready to explode.

Touring in support of their latest and self-titled album, Obituary rolls through a mean and dominating set featuring several songs from their new release. Louisville has a dedicated community of hardcore metal fans, and they are out in force tonight. The moshing and thrashing starts from the opening chords of “Redneck Romp” and never lets up. 

Obituary is in prime form. With their off-kilter, locked-in pauses, starts and stops that the band is so well known for, they close out their set with “Slowly We Rot” going all the way back to their iconic 1989 debut.

Tonight’s set list:  â€œRedneck Stomp,” “Internal Bleeding,” “Chopped in Half,” “Turned Inside Out,” “Visions in My Head,” “Sentence Day,” “A Lesson in Vengeance,” ”Dying,” “Find the Arise,” “Deadly Intentions,” “Ten Thousand Ways to Die,” “No Hope,” “’Til Death,” “Don’t Care,” “Words of Evil” and “Slowly We Rot”

Providing main support this evening is death metal powerhouse, Gruesome who’s music is an intentional homage to the first wave death metal scene of Tampa, Florida and specifically Death’s early period. The band closes out their set with a brutal rendition of Death’s “Pull The Plug” with a surprise guest, Obituary bassist Terry Butler providing the deep bass notes for the finale.

Local Louisville metal promoter Terry Harper Productions does a great job highlighting local metal groups as support for his shows and tonight is no exception. Performing third are the outstanding Louisville metallers, Stonecutters who kick off their sixteen date ‘Pagan Warrior tour’ with a blazing set of music from their latest release, Blood Moon. The band features demonstrative guitarist Nick Burks and are fronted by Brian Omer. Stonecutters set a great tone for the evening. 

Opening the evening is Louisville-based aggressive, groove-oriented metallers Incursion. Their 30-minute set is hard, fast and powerful, starting us off in a great way.


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Trixie’s Entertainment Center

Event Date: 17-MAY-2017