Nonpoint makes a stop at the Altar Bar in Pittsburgh, PA on their headline tour before heading out to Carolina Rebellion.

Kevlar from Erie, PA took the stage with only limited room to move about due to the gear from the other bands but lead singer Kelci Margaret made the most of it. Even though being the opening act, the band is well known for at the venue and has drawn a large crowd in the past. This was Margaret’s first out of town show since joining the band. It was obvious she enjoyed every minute rocking away on stage and took the time to interact with fans after her set.

While Margaret did bring a lot of energy to her performance, the person who stuck out the most was drummer Nick Sanzo. Those who have seen them perform could tell he was happy to be back on the road by the way he was pounding the skins. The band played well and drew the growing crowd close to the stage throughout their set, clearly gain new fans during the night.

Next up was Scare Don’t Fear, who is signed to KBB Records, the label is started by Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce and co-manager Kyle Borman. A rap metal group from Providence, RI took the stage with two singers (Chris Jungles and Frankie Screamz) and made the rap and metal work together perfectly. The enthusiastic crowd made their approval known singing along with the band’s cover of Eminem‘s “The Way I Am” and thrashing about in a moshpit. Scare Don’t Fear played a solid set and left with many new fans sure to follow them.

Following the Rhode Island metal rappers was Otherwise from Las Vegas. Their debut album, True Love Never Dies, met with great success. The band has been fortunate to experience the same with their second album, Peace At All Costs, released Sept 2014. Songs like “Darker Side of the Moon” and “Coming for the Throne” have been played in heavy rotation on SiriusxXM Octane.

Packing the venue with their large fan base, the crowd instantly connected with Otherwise knowing all the words and singing along even though the band has only played in Pittsburgh a few times. The energy from lead singer Adrian Patrick was rubbing off on the crowd as they started to headbang and move around. Otherwise also put together a perfect setlist by playing all fan favorite songs from both albums. To finish the set, the band played one of their most popular songs, “Soldiers.” The fans exploded as Adrian hopped into the crowd, running about and having fans sing.

Then came time for Nonpoint. Nonpoint is well known to Pittsburgh fans from their many previous visits to the city. Right when the lights went out, you could feel the energy coming for the crowd. When lead singer Elias Soriano took the stage, the fans in the Altar Bar went nuts!

Soriano started the night by kicking it old school with some songs from early in their career. They played just three songs off their latest album, The Return (2014), instead focusing on their older material. The band even changed it up by doing a JayZ cover of “99 Problems” and Nonpoint’s famous cover of Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight.” After a great set, the night came to a close, all fans present having had a great time. The boys in Nonpoint packed up and headed to their next stop at the Carolina Rebellion.

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