Punk took over the night in Portland, OR. bringing back the old school punk sound with new style antics.

Anchoring a night of punk in Portland were The Mormon Trannys. They are the real deal in the current punk genre. The band consists of heavy bass and vocals from the Prophet Josephina Smith, rockin punk riffs and ripping leads from elder Bring ‘Em Hung, and kit crushing drum beats from Elder Tits Romney. The trio have taken the genre to a new level of pure Punk and Debauchery.

Legend has it that they started out as humble Mormon boys who felt different. After years of self doubt, self torment, and self exploration, they transitioned out of The Fundamentalist Church Of Latter Day Saints and created a much sexier offshoot, The Church of Latter Day Skanks. Using their in your face satire and old-school punk ethics, their hymns rally against homophobia and use their seductive allure to expose religious lies that have spread war and hate for centuries.

The Whiskey Dickers are bringing street punk and Oi! back to Portland, Oregon. The three piece is made up of Josh “Flea” Pierce on vocals and lead guitar, Jeff Martinez on vocals and bass, and Bruce “Rocco” Wiley on drums and vocals. They played a kick ass set bringing the room to a full on assembly of mayhem.

The Tanked tell it like it is: drunk. It’s not just a state of being, it’s a way of life. The five old drunks from Portland, OR are: Jeep Tanked on guitar, Boitz Tanked on bass, Chill Tanked on guitar, Brenden-ing Tanked on drums, and Noland Very Tanked on vocals. “2:30 comes early,” they say. “Better stock up.”

Ruff Hausen from Vancouver, WA opened the show. Ruff Hausen is O.D. Rylee on bass, Tina Cantina singing vocals, Ryan Kamikaze Moto on drums, Brian Oblivion playing guitar, and Wild Willie G also on guitar. Ruff Haüsen grinds heavy metal, classical, and soul making it a blend of punk n’ roll. Their sound is layered with sultry melody and heavy guitar riffs. Ruff Haüsen strives to introduce it’s unique brand of live and recorded music with enthusiasm and hard work while never losing focus on what’s important: survival partying.

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Editor’s note: The header image was originally inverted by mistake, showing the what appeared to by the guitarist playing as a left hander. The image has been corrected and please accept our apology for the confusion.