The Mighty Mighty Bosstones play Fremont Street as part of their One Louder concert series.

The One Louder concert series on Fremont Street use to be a summer thing, but these free concerts are extending well outside of the summer months and the fans clearly appreciate it.& It doesn’t hurt that the weather for early October is perfect; that combined with an amazing band like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones have brought out a huge crowd for a Sunday night. This American Ska Punk sound is definitely a different type of show from many of the others that have come through, but there is no denying the fun atmosphere this band brings to downtown Las Vegas.

The Bosstones take the stage right after the 9:00 PM light show, and the energy is unstoppable. This nine piece band really has it all, piano, drums, guitar, bass, trombone, two saxophones, a distinctive vocal and of course a dancer. The stage is small, but the band makes it work; one of the benefits of this venue and a stage this size is it allows the crowd to be right there with the band, which creates an amazing atmosphere. The crowd is going with their full intensity right from the start, singing along and dancing to the music. The band is in black suits and frontman Dicky Barrett is right up close to the crowd, screaming and sharing the microphone with devoted fans. Their sound is distinctive; Barrett’s gravely vocal blends with the backing vocals of the rest of the band, and the horns and guitars create a big sound. Ben Carr, “the Bosstone,” is dancing and he is exhausting to watch. He does not stop dancing for a moment, he is all over the stage, you almost can’t stop watching him, but there is so much else going on you need to take time to focus on the rest of the band. Each member takes front and center on the stage at various time which adds to the feeling that everyone is equal and important to this band.

The music is fun, everyone in the crowd can’t stop smiling as they dance to songs like “Royal Oil,” “Nah Nah Nah,” “Where’d You Go” and “Simmer Down.” With mainstream success since 1993, there is no doubt this band has a huge catalog to draw from and they do. In the hour and a half, they play an impressive twenty four song set. The night winds down with an introduction of all nine members and a cover of “I Can See Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash with Barrett and trombone player Chris Rhodes sharing the vocals. They have shared vocals through the whole show which adds to the sound. They close out the set with “Impression that I Get” and “You Gotta Go,” which is a perfect way to end a concert, the message is clear the night is over.

The party feel of this show continued from start to finish. The unique sound lightens everyone’s mood and it is easy to forget this is a Sunday night and most people have to work tomorrow. This is the kind of show that the crowd really appreciates and the band delivered an incredible set.

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Event Date: 21-OCT-2018

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