As mother nature did its part by keeping the rain out of sight, so did the crazy fans of Burgettstown by causing mayhem throughout the day.

The Victory Stage could not have started off in a better way by having Code Orange open up in front of their hometown crowd, a much larger crowd than usual for an opening band. The pit formed from the first hit of the drum and didn’t stop until the last.

Shattered Sun and Sworn In put on tight sets in the hot temperatures reaching 100+ degrees throughout the day.

It came time for Sister Sin and though many may not have known much about the “old-school metal” band, the crowd reacted in an amazing way to them. The crowd surfers finally began and never stopped during their set as Liv Jagrell wowed fans with his display of energy. The band from Gothenburg, Sweden was surely one of the most underrated bands on the tour. Their performance at Mayhem should correct the notion.

Jungle Rot showed all the death metal fans they still have it after 21 years of playing as a band.

Though it was hot, you could feel the intensity picking up as fans reacted to the performances of Thy Art Is Murder and Whitechapel. During their set, the crowd surfers were nonstop throughout and the mosh pits became larger with each song.

The Main Stage began with massive roars from the crowd as the lead singer of The Devil Wears Prada, Mike Hranica, came out in a Pittsburgh Pirates jersey. Hometown fans reacted with pride and elation. They connected with the fans from the start and maintained that bond throughout their set.

Following TDWP, droves of fans ran up the hill to catch Kissing Candice at the other stage; they are not a band you want to miss. They also had the unusual distinction to be the only band on the tour wearing masks. With this, and dripping fake blood, Kissing Candice brought new meaning to a live metal performance making the trip up the hill well worth the effort.

Hellyeah has been a big favorite throughout the Mayhem tour so far. The tour stop in Burgettstown was no different. As usual, when legend drummer Vinny Paul took the stage the crowd exploded. Frontman Chad Gray ran about like a madman, fans following his every move. As the band played “Blood for Blood,” fans responded with hardy adulation as fact Gray, covered in fake blood, jumped about on the speakers. “Feed Her To The Shark” closed out the Victory Stage before the legendary King took the main stage.

Throughout the day, fans have been randomly screaming “Slayer” and “King Diamond.” The wait was finally over. King Diamond took the stage and regaled fans in full makeup. This was notable due to Diamond having had to perform recent Mayhem dates sans makeup due to a recent serious eye infection. He showed no signs of this recent problem as he worked his way around the stage multiple times giving fans the full experience. Diamond played a full hour set, but his stage set up and lighting was like that of a headline act, with the staircases and an amazing backdrop full of dark imagery. He gave everything the fans were asking for and more; it was a performance they will never forget.

Everywhere you turned, you were likely to find see someone wearing a Slayer shirt be it new or old. Slayer fans were obvious and well represented in the festival crowd. Throughout most of the sound check, those fans were chanting the band’s name. Once the cloth dropped, the pits opened and the fire began to fly. With tons of red light and fire, it was obvious this was a Slayer concert. Kerry King ripped it on guitar and moved around much more than usual. Slayer played many fan favorites, the fans shouting and cheering each time. They band played new material as well, which many fans were wanting to hear such as “Implode,” “Repentless,” and “When the Stillness Comes.” Slayer brought the festival to a close with Slayer classics, “Raining Blood” and “Angle of Death.” With that came a close to an excellent night of heavy metal.

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