George Lynch of Dokken fame and Lynch Mob rocked Dallas fans with the heavy-hitting support of Legacy, SuperNova Remnant, and Bezel.

10-June-2016: Fans gathered outside of Trees Dallas in anticipation of a night hard rock and metal. Lynch Mob was the headlining act for the evening but not before the crowd got to hear some of Dallas’ premiere local talent.

Legacy was the first to take the stage playing late 80s/early 90s style hard rock, replete with obligatory guitar shredding, heavy bass grooves, big drum sound, and solid LA rock vocals. Their music features distinct influences of Ratt, as well as Sixx:A.M., Alter Bridge, Poison, and LA Guns, among others.

The band, Jimi Arnett (vocals), Jody Rummel (lead guitar), Scott Sereboff (lead guitar), Craig Cowsert (bass), and Kenny Sizelove (drums) warmed up the crowd for the following acts.

Next up was SuperNova Remnant, a trio fronted by guitarist Robbie Gustin and backed by bassist Patrick Smith and James Michael McLester on drums. These guys have many classic rock/anthem rock influences, the most evident being Stryper, the 80s Christian metal band. In fact, they share a common faith-based theme.

Gustin’s vocal abilities and range are impressive. Mix that with some serious talent on the guitar and an extremely tight and hard rocking band, and SuperNova Remnant fit well with the night’s talented entertainment.

After they had left the stage, it was time for Bezel, arguably the heaviest band on the bill. As with SuperNova Remnant, you can pick out many hard rock/heavy metal influences, 80s Iron Maiden certainly the most obvious. Kevin Dell Greer is the voice of Bezel. Backing him up is Keith Oliver on guitar and backup vocals, Mike Herrel supplying seriously groovy bass work and more backup vocals, and all supported by the thunderous drum work of Kurtis Lawrence.

Finally, it was time for Lynch Mob and the assembled crowd let them know it. The opening riff of “21st Century Man” echoed through the venue and the fans went wild.

Lynch Mob followed their opener with a sampling of songs from their Wicked Sensations and Sun Red Sun albums, such as “She’s Evil But She’s Mine,” “Hell Child,” and “Believers” before diving into a set of Dokken covers, a nod to George Lynch’s prior life as lead guitarist of Dokken. The eager listeners were especially excited to hear “Into The  Fire,” and “Mr. Scary,” as evident by the hundreds of voices happily adding their touches to the songs.

The band paused briefly to chat with the fans before wrapping their set, saying they were going to play one more from the good old days.

Lynch informed fans that they would pretend to leave, we were to pretend we wanted them to come back and clap loudly, while they were in the little room above the stage counting their money. The crowd laughed as expected as George Lynch struck the first few notes of “Tooth and Nail.”

After the final song, the excited audience acted out the aforementioned scene as instructed (but with sincerity), as George Lynch and the band hid for a while. As anticipated, Lynch and company returned and launched into their encore and closing with “Wicked Sensation.”

Smiles on the worn out fans made clear that a good time was had by all. And that is what it is all about.

Photos by Joe Guzman.

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