Evanescence and Lindsey Stirling took their co-headlining tour to DTE, reintroducing their music with a full orchestra for a brand new musical experience.

Cellogram opened the night. Unfortunately, I missed the chance to photograph this killer duo, but I was lucky enough to catch their amazing set. This cellist and percussionist pair started the night with a set of enthusiastic, energetic songs, including a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” accompanied by Jen Majura of Evanescence on guitar. They were a stellar start to the night and an act you need to see.

The crowd erupted into cheers as Evanescence took the stage, joined by a full orchestra. Amy Lee, beaming to the crowd, took her seat at the piano to play “Overture” followed immediately by “Never Go Back”.

Evanescence’s fourth album Synthesis was the first time the band blended their nu-metal rock sound with orchestral elements. As Amy greeted the crowd, she mentioned that this is the first tour that they incorporated a full orchestra. It is truly a match made in heaven; Evanescence’s ethereal dark music takes on a whole new symphonic level with an orchestra behind them. Amy would frequently switch from her piano to standing her mike while her bandmates; Troy McLawhorn on guitar, Jen Majura on rhythm guitar, Tim McCord on bass, and Will Hunt on drums; sat behind her.

Throughout the night, the band performed some of their biggest songs with new takes and twists, such as “Lithium”, the knockout “Bring Me to Life”, “Your Star”, and the soaring “My Immortal” which Amy introduced as a song that has evolved into one of her favorites over the years as she thanked the crowd profusely. They also included newer songs that played perfectly with the orchestra, such as “Secret Door”, “End of the Dream”, and “Hi-Lo” which featured a violin solo by Lindsey Stirling herself.
While the entire night was outstanding, one large highlight was when the band did a dreamlike cover of The Beatles’ “Across the Universe”.

Amy Lee’s voice is as hauntingly beautiful as it has always been. Her voice soared as she belted her heart and soul to the enraptured crowd. Jen Majura is an incredible addition to the band, providing amazing harmonies with Amy as well as playing the theremin during “Lost in Paradise”.

The band ended the set with “The In-Between”, where Amy showcased her piano skills, leading into the high energy “Imperfection”. Evanescence’s set was astounding through and through. It’s a great feeling to see a band that so many have loved for years come back in such a stunning manner. It’s very exciting to see how the band evolves in the future.

With the sun setting and the orchestra resuming their place, the venue was electrified as Lindsey Stirling literally rose from the stage and jumped into “The Arena”. Lindsey Stirling is famous for joining the violin with dance and performance art.
The set was a true spectacle, complete with video, dancers, multiple costume changes, and outstanding choreography, all supporting Stirling’s dizzying violin accompanied perfectly by the orchestra. “Moon Trance” had the stage become a graveyard, complete with skeleton dancers that Stirling fought off while she played before donning her own skeletonized costume. The stage was filled with various tombstones, including one dedicated to Piers Morgan, a judge on Stirling’s season of America’s Got Talent, and one of Stirling’s most infamous haters.

Lindsey runs and dances across the stage at a breakneck pace, never missing a note. With most of her songs having no lyrics, Stirling and her violin become the storytellers in each song, each one dynamic and infectiously fun to hear. She is beaming and exuding energy throughout the entire night. The choreography of this show is spectacular, even more impressive as Lindsey leads her dancers while playing the violin perfectly, it’s almost impossible to see someone able to multitask as she can.

Fans were ecstatic to hear favorites such as “Roundtable Rival”, “Take Flight”, “First Light”, “Crystallize”, and many more. Amy Lee joined her on stage for “Shatter Me,” while ZZ Ward and Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo and Lecrae made guest appearances via tape for “Hold My Heart” and “Don’t Let This Feeling Fade”, respectively.

Stirling charged through the end of the night with “Mirage”, “Don’t Let This Feeling Fade”, and “Behind The Veil” before her famous instrumental medley of “The Phantom Of The Opera”. To close out the show, Amy Lee rejoined Stirling for a rendition of Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful” that left the crowd breathless.

Amy Lee and Lindsey Stirling have gushed about one another for many years. They have both talked about the desire to collaborate and tour together more than once. To see these two powerhouses co-headline a tour and put their music in front of an orchestra is truly a one of a kind experience that nobody should miss.

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Event Date: 09-JUL-2018

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