Hampton Beach Casino located on New Hampshire’s popular beach strip, Ocean Boulevard was surrounded by many country fans for Lee Brice.

The fans were eager for the show to begin when suddenly cheers of excitement began once the words “hello beautiful people of Hampton Beach” punches through the microphone with an energetic tone. Lewis Brice released his debut EP recently and the audience was certainly no stranger to his mix of country and southern rock. Fans started singing and dancing as soon as he started to sing, which is not always common from an opening act. A popular song was “Outta My Head,” which has a modern country radio friendly tone describing how one girl can just blow a guy’s mind and the guy starts doing crazy things. The high energy country rocker later explains to his fans that his favorite tune is, “Messin’ With My Mind” which takes things down a notch as he conveys the story of an ex messing with his feelings and keeps coming back for more. The younger brother of Lee Brice didn’t disappoint when he flawlessly sang a popular song “Last Kiss” which was last recorded by Pearl Jam.

The fedora made South Carolina native Lee Brice especially dapper as he hit the stage singing “Hard to Love”. Brice’s classic rock ‘n’ roll sound with just the right amount of twang brought more and more people into the venue. One fan held up a neon poster board sign that said, “We chose Lee Brice over Game of Thrones”. Brice definitely noticed it when he pointed and laughed as he continued to sing. Yes, this meant if you are a Game of Thrones fan, you definitely missed it because Brice continued singing one hit after another, keeping fans on their feet dancing. A fan was lucky enough to receive Brice’s acoustic guitar as well.

As fans continued to drink up and get wild, Brice slows it down with “…they called them crazy when they started out…” and suddenly the crowd starts singing louder than Brice. Fans suddenly raised their cell phones and waved them side to side in the air using a flashlight app or their camera flash in place of the traditional lighter to the beat of the music.

A song Brice has written but let go to the Eli Young Band was on Brice’s setlist, “Crazy Girl”. The song wound up at the top of the charts and ended up in the No. 1 spot so fans definitely enjoyed this treat. Suddenly it gets quiet and the fans learn a proposal is taking place on stage. Congratulations to Kevin and Laura!

Brice is ready to crank it up so he ditches the fedora and places a baseball cap backwards on his head sporting his traditional hard rock country style. The hits continue about beer, gravel roads, Coleman grills, and his brother joins him on stage for a song.

Brice sings to the drinking class before thanking everyone that serves including firefighters, EMTs, police officers, and more. Brice asks the lighting crew to shut off all the lights in the venue and asks the audience to use their cell phones to light up the venue as he sings, “I Drive Your Truck” which fans happily obliged.

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Event Date: 06-AUG-2017