Kissing Candice brought their blood-drenched, horror-themed stage show, home to Long Island after their recent run on the Victory Records stage during 2015’s Mayhem Fest tour.

Long Island locals I, Awake, Mutiny Abroad, Logan’s Room, My Kingdom, and Call It Home kept the crowd energized on this hot summer Sunday night, each with their own distinctive version of hard rock, punk, metal, hardcore, and metalcore, psyching up the audience for the night’s main event.

When they finally hit the stage, saying Kissing Candice assaulted the audience’s senses is an understatement with their album release show.

Not content to move effortlessly between metal, hardcore, industrial, and electronica (and alternately heavy and melodic vocals), Kissing Candice took this show to the next level by complementing their horror-themed lyrics and costumes with a dark, smoke-filled stage, haunted house-style lighting, and lead vocalist Joey Simpson suddenly appearing behind his bandmates and appearing to slit their throats with his microphone.

To drive home the point that this was a show for horror fans by horror fans, Simpson name-dropped the cult horror film Troll 2 during his introduction to their song “Nilbog,” something only horror geeks will appreciate.

Despite performing late on a Sunday night, Kissing Candice kept the crowd jumping throughout their set with “My Perfect Hell,” “Put ‘Em Up,””Slugworth,” “Tusk,” and various other tracks from their new CD Blind Until We Burn, recently released by Victory records.

Between their heavy, yet hook-laden songs, and horror-themed visuals, Kissing Candice puts on a an amazing show.

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