During the second week of his Me and My Kind tour, Kip Moore rolled into Toledo bringing Jon Pardi along to share the stage.

Although fall has arrived with falling temperatures outdoors, inside the Stranahan Theater the temperature was rising as anticipation grew while the crowd waited patiently for the show to begin.

When the lights went out, the 1,600 seat theater saw the excited crowd rush to their seats the pit in front of the stage so that they wouldn’t miss any of the show.

Jon Pardi and his band played first firing up the crowd with a 45-minute set. He sang songs from his two studio albums, Write You A Song (2014) (Amazon) and California Sunrise (2016) (Amazon).

Jon performed his debut single, “Missing You Crazy,” plus “Night Shift,” “Heartache On The Dance Floor,” “Paycheck,” “What I Can’t Put Down,” and his current hit, “Dirt On My Boots.”

Jon finished his part of the evening on stage with his first Top 10 hit, “Up All Night,” and closed with his first No. 1 song, “Head Over Boots.”

Showing off his love of the older country sound, Jon has incorporated fiddle and steel guitar parts to his music which seems to be attracting many of the younger generation as they hear and continue to support his sound.

Best known for his traditional country with a splash of the Bakersfield sound has put Jon in the captain’s chair of keeping the contemporary country sound alive and healthy.

As the bright stage lights came up, the crowd immediately rushed to the stage barrier for the night’s headliner, Kip Moore. Kip opened his portion of the show with “Lipstick” from his Wild Ones (Amazon) album while heating up the crowd. Pacing back and forth from side to side across the stage, Kip jumped on and off raised platforms while leaning forward to get personal with the standing VIP crowd.

With a soft, raspy voice, Kip continued to fire up the party with “Wild Ones,” the title track to his sophomore album. With the lyric “We’ve been waitin’ all week, we’ve been waitin’ on the weekend. We don’t need no sleep tonight, we’ll worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes cuz we’re the wild ones,” it was clear there was no turning back from having a good time as the crowd sang and danced along in the aisleways.

Kip released his debut album Up All Night (Amazon) in 2012 which became the peaked at No. 2 of Billboard’s Top Country Albums. He performed “Reckless (Still Growing Up),” fan favorite “Beer Money,” “Up All Night,” his first No. 1 hit “Somethin’ ’bout A Truck” and “Hey Pretty Girl” delivered with a down beat bluesy mix.

“I’m To Blame” with added banjo followed along with “That’s Alright With Me.”

During his acoustic block, Kip performed fan-favorite “Simple Man” before adding a melody of “Heart’s Desire,” “Complicated,” and “Girl of the Summer.”

Kip dedicated “Back Seat” to his father who never had the chance to see him succeed in his career, which he delivered with a hint of Memphis soul.

As a talented songwriter, Kip performed the hit song, “Cigarette” (sung by Frankie Ballard), that he co-wrote with Chris Stapleton and Jaren Johnston of The Cadillac Three.

Kip ended his time on stage with “That Was Us,” which he claims is a personal song to himself, one to which he feels will relate as well.

Upon exiting the stage, Kip returned for an encore to hear the crowd loudly chanting his name. Claiming he was going to do something different this evening, he held his band back and played an acoustic guitar. Kip started his encore with a new song, “If You Were Mine,” he is working on for his new album before finishing with Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’.”

As Kip strolled off into the darkness, the house lights lit up the theater exposing the sweat and physically drained fans as they had stood, danced, and sang through the hour-and-a-half performance.

Kip Moore’s country mixed with heartland rock sound continues to grab fans with his fanbase expanding to Canada and Australia. That’s quite an achievement for the guy who began singing “somethin’ ’bout a truck.”

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Kip Moore setlist
1. Lipstick; 2. Wild Ones; 3. Crazy One More Time; 4. Mary Was The Marrying Kind; 5. Reckless (Still Growin’ Up; 6. Beer Money; 7. In The Middle; 8. Up All Night; 9. I’m To Blame; 10. Come And Get It; 11. Back Seat; 12. Young Love; 13. That’s Alright With Me; 14. Running For You; 15. Acoustic Melody – Simple Man/Heart’s Desire/Complicated/Girl Of The Summer; 16. Dirt Road; 17. Cigarette (Frankie Ballard cover); 18. Somethin’ ’bout A Truck; 19. Hey Pretty Girl; 20. Magic; 21. That Was Us; 22. Acoustic Encore – If You Were Mine; 23. Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty cover)

Event Date: 08-Oct-2016

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