As Kiefer Sutherland’s Not Enough Whiskey Tour nears the end of the North American leg, he makes a stop at Chicago’s Thalia Hall.

People are often nervous and skeptical when yet another actor dips their toe into the music world. It’s a big change making the move from acting in movies and some of the most popular TV shows to stepping out on a stage and bearing your soul through your lyrics. However, in this case, the transition was seamless. 

As the name of the tour would suggest, there were a number of songs referencing whiskey, or the lack thereof, in true country tradition. Kiefer Sutherland is clearly not one of those manufactured actors-turned-musician. He writes his own songs, and as most songwriters do, draws from his own life experiences. As therapeutic as this can be, Sutherland has a slight awkwardness when it comes to explaining to the audience the background to some of his most personal songs. Whilst he may be drawing from some of his most emotional periods from his earlier years, the anecdotes add a whole new appreciation and dimension to the lyrics.  

Sutherland has had a long term appreciation for singers such as Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and Tom Petty amongst many others, and paid homage to them by covering Petty’s “Honey Bee” and Haggard’s “Bottle Let Me Down”. 

Taking time out in between filming his current TV series Designated Survivor to tour his new album, it must still be a daunting feeling stepping out onto the stage each night. If it was, you couldn’t tell. Sutherland looked like her was enjoying every last bit, with the full raucous backing of the Chicago crowd every step of the way. 

Whilst the tour might bear Sutherland’s name, it wouldn’t be right not to mention the talented band up there alongside him. Particular mention must go to Michael Gurley and Austin Vallejo who took turns at playing rhythm and lead guitar. Certainly an impressive array of musicians.

As the tour is wrapping up the North American leg, they are going to spend the summer touring throughout Europe before returning back to the US to be part of the Bourbon and Beyond lineup.

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Event Date: 21-MAY-2017

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