John Mayer brings The Search for Everything tour to a sold-out United Center.

The Record Company had a huge task ahead of them – to warm up a packed out arena ahead of a much anticipated John Mayer. Impressively, they more than achieved this. They managed to get the United Center on their feet,  hollering back to them and finishing off their set with a standing ovation. 

This was the last night for The Record Company to open for Mayer, and it is clear to see how much they have appreciated the opportunity. An opportunity which led to them performing at Madison Square Garden, no less. The Record Company have two headlining dates lined up for Chicago’s Thalia Hall in May, with the first one already being sold-out. Judging by tonight’s reception, it wouldn’t be surprising if the second night sells out soon too.

With the ample audience warmed up and raring to go, it was time for Mayer to take to the stage. The shows on this tour are comprised of three separate sections – full band, acoustic and the John Mayer Trio. Each section felt like it’s own concert, breaking up the night, keeping the audience on their toes and eager for what was happening next.

Mayer didn’t spend too much time talking to the audience as he was keen to get through as many songs as he could, packing as many into each section as possible. He didn’t need to talk to them; he had them in the palm of his hand from beginning to end.

The full band sections packed a powerful punch, and had the crowd on their feet, dancing along. The stripped back acoustic section was just Mayer on the stage with his acoustic guitar and a mock-up bridge. He sang stripped back songs, yet the sound filled the arena with the aid of the crowd harmonizing to songs such as his cover of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'”. Whilst the majority of artists will sneak a cover or two into their set, Mayer has truly made this song his own. It’s a completely reimagined version of the classic which his fans were obviously all too familiar with.

Changing gears again, it was time for the John Mayer Trio to take to the stage. This part gave a good healthy injection of rocking blues to the night. Seeing Mayer come alive as he performed these songs, it’s clear to see how important the chance to cut loose with the Trio is to him. Whilst he has taken the more mainstream pop route in his career to date, judging by the reaction of the audience, he could quite easily have filled the arena on the back of the Trio alone. Here’s hoping they get to have their own tour in the near future.

John Mayer is certainly a man of many talents. Without doubt, he is one of most gifted guitarist to have emerged in recent years. Add to that the incredible voice which lends itself effortlessly to the different genres of music, and the triple threat of writing his own material. This continually rising star has but only one direction it can go. His versatility, demonstrated during his time with Dead & Company, holds no bounds. 

Alternating between his trusty Strats and his new Strat-inspired signature model PRS, he clearly knows his way around a guitar. Banging out some of the most melodic and intricate riffs, all the while singing his heartfelt lyrics. 

Mayer has tour dates scheduled through until September, with a stint with Dead & Company taking place from the end of May until early July. If you weren’t able to catch his show at the United Center, he will be back in the Chicago area with two Dead & Company shows at Wrigley Field, as well as his own show at Tinley Park’s Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in September. 

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Event Date: 11-APR-2017

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