Picking up right where he left off earlier this year, John 5 returned San Francisco earlier this week, and once again showed his Bay Area fans what a guitar virtuoso he truly is. While he has long been known for his fretwork craftsmanship with the likes of Marilyn Manson, David Lee Roth, and Van Halen, John put all off his influences and styles on display, while he and his band tore through “This is my Rifle,” “Behind the Nut,” “Feisty Cadavers,” and “Mad Monster Party,” all with no vocals needed. And by the time he wrapped up his set with a melting guitar medley which consisted of “The Trooper,” “Thunderkiss 65,” “Crazy Train,” and “Enter Sandman,” just to name a few, John 5 left no doubt that he is nothing short of an amazing guitar player.

Direct support on this tour comes from none other than Doyle, the band lead by the one and only Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, who really needs no introduction. Fronted by Cancerslug vocalist Alex ‘Wolfman’ Story, the band ripped through a frantic set that included songs from their latest release Abominator, as well as Misfits classics “Last Caress,” “Die Die My Darling,” and “Queen Wasp,” to name just a few. Doyle was/is nothing short of a monster on guitar, and with the Wolfman practically convulsing on the stage and the heavy as fuck rhythm section of Brandon Pertzborn on drums and Left Hand Graham on bass, it was an all too brief set that was one part Iggy and the Stooges, one part Misfits, and all parts kicked in the teeth Punk Rock.

Opening the show on this evening was Vile Augury, and Oakland-based, Electro-Industrial band who’s driving bass and guitar tones were just as much Front Line Assembly and Haujobb influenced as they were KMFDM. It may have seemed like an odd choice at first, but as their set progressed, it was quite apparent that they were a perfect choice, and added a nice element to what turned out to be a great show.

National Rock Review photographer Raymond Ahner was on hand to check it out.

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