Imminent Sonic Destruction held a no holds barred cage match with Mind Maze in a battle for metal supremacy at the Loving Touch in Ferndale.

The progressive super metal heroes of Imminent Sonic Destruction complete their two-day micro-tour with a death match featuring the Pennsylvanian power metal avengers of MindMaze. Both bands feature a huge amount of musical talent which means that tonight’s battle will be of monumental proportions. Judging this mythical musical spectacle will be the opening bands of Die Laughing and Entransient.

First up on the stage is Die Laughing from Detroit. They get the blood raging with propulsive riffs locked into punchy bass and eclectic drums. Their music is heavy and addictive. A massive hand of metal grabbing you by the collar and swinging you around the room scream “What do you want! What do you need!!!” The twisting grooves bring to mind bands such as Tool and Though Industry. While not at the same technical precision of either of those legends, the underlying emotional vibe and rewarding shock to the system is there.

From Lansing comes the progressive genius of Entransient. This relatively new band recently released a stellar progressive rock album called The Weight of Things. Their music conjures prog-rock greats such as Yes, Rush, and Porcupine Tree. Entransient’s performance is nothing short of breathtaking. Their songs are packed with rich melodies that strike with powerful emotive force. The guitars weave soundscapes which dance within the mind capturing the imagination. Given the enthusiastic response of the audience, it is safe to say that Entransient is here to stay.

MindMaze look ebullient as they take the stage and plunge headfirst into their set with “Abandon” from their latest album Resolve. Fans at the front of the stage stand in slack-jawed amazement at the musical pyrotechnics of MindMaze. The blazing guitar wizardry of Jeff Teets is equally matched with the riveting vocals of Sarah Teets. Driving the music of MindMaze is the nibble bass of Rich Pasqualone and battering ram of Mark Bennet on drums. Together they create mighty waves of melodic metal that swells within the room.

In keeping with the competition, MindMaze breaks out one of their most progressive tunes with “The Machine Stops”. They wrap up a masterful performance with a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Neon Knights”. Score MindMaze for drawing first blood in this metal duel to the death.

The super-human metal brawlers of Imminent Sonic Destruction quickly went on the attack with the “The Fog” from their most recent album; Triumphia. Replete with the dazzling keyboards of Pete Hopersberger in tandem with the scintillating guitars of Scott Thompson and Tony Piccoli, this song scream with life. It doesn’t hurt that drum mage Pat DeLeon and berserker bassist Bryan Paxton creates a seismic rhythm that threatens to swallow both earth and sky.

Imminent Sonic Destruction continued their attack by unleashing the prog-metal behemoth song “Raven”. Cheering fans feign deference which draws smiles from the band on stage. A new slower and more introspective song called “Solitude” may be a sneak peek into things to come from the band. Striking the coup de gras in this no time limit, no substitutions, rollerball deathmatch is “Arborus Calm”. Weighing in at just over 22 minutes, this epic caps an evening of musical diversity for the audience to savor for years to come.

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Event Date: 04-AUG-2018

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