The punk music scene was alive and well in Louisville with IHAK and support coming from Satellite Twin and Dick Titty Blood Punch.

The local music scene in Louisville was shining brightly on Friday night as I Have A Knife headlined a wild evening at Louisville’s The New Vintage. I Have A Knife is the current project of Sean Garrison and Greg Livingston. Garrison was a key figure in the Louisville punk scene in the 80s and into the late 90s as the lead singer of the thrash metal band, Kinghorse.

Releasing their debut album, Stupid and Futile Gestures, I Have A Knife opened hard and fast with “Fuck Shit Up,” “Deconstruction,” and “Now and Forever.” The packed venue was thrashing and moshing almost from the first chords.

Over the next forty-five minutes, IHAK treated fans and friends to songs from their new album, including “At Any Speed,” “Dinner To Go,” “Lead With Your Face,” and “Gay World.” Fans respond enthusiastically to the chaos on stage.

During their set, Livingston experienced a blown amp, which was resolved after a short delay to swap equipment. IHAK tore into “Great White Gods” and a fantastic new song, “Goblin King,” before closing their set with “Tin Foil Hat” and “Homicide By Cop.”

Garrison mentioned a couple of times during the show that he was under the weather, but you could not tell by his energy and vocal performance.

Based on fan reactions overheard after the set, everyone was thoroughly satisfied and looking forward to the next show.

I Have A Knife is Sean Garrison (vocals), Greg Livingston (guitar), Gabrielle Kays (bass), and Evan Wallace (drums).

Up next was Satellite Twin providing primary support. The band performed a solid thirty-plus minute set of original experimental/garage rock music with songs from their recently released EP, The Mechanical Hearts.

Opening the evening was the Louisville-based punk band, Dick Titty Blood Punch. Their high energy set of original punk music included songs “A Matter of Life and Desks” and “Fired for Satan,” providing a great start for the night.

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