The Richmond, Virgina band are playing their hometown for an evening of drunken metal shenanigans.

Doubtfire start off the second show with a short set playing some songs off their demon stration EP, including “Wilhelm Dream.”

Salvacion, a metal band from Wilmington, North Carolina, get the crowd headbanging with a selection of songs off their three albums, including “Faster Than Hell” and “Epic Beer Run.”

Humungus, the purveyors of “beer soaked thrash,” start their set with the title track of their 2013 EP, Drinkin’ a Beer. As fans prime them with beers and shots, they continue to play songs from their full length, Warband, released June 01 including “Martial Law” and “Heavy Metal Parking Lot.” Humungus completed their set just after 1 AM, allowing the band and the crowd plenty of time to drink more before closing time.

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